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Improve ball control, agility and speed with this soccer drill. You will need some basic equipment to set this drill up.

  • Agility Ladder
  • Soccer Ball
  • 3 Cones

Focus on correct running technique through the ladder, and than control the soccer ball with short touches around the cone triangle. Try and make short cuts around the outside of the cones.

This soccer drill will help players improve agility, speed and footwork mixed with more touches on the soccer ball.

Ball Control, Agility and Speed


Set Up and Instructions

  • Set up an agility ladder with a soccer ball in front of the ladder.
  • Place 3 cones in a triangle shape spaced 10 m/yd apart.
  • Start by running through the agility ladder.
  • Pick up the soccer ball and dribble it around the triangle cones.
  • Leave the soccer ball in front of the ladder.
  • Run through the ladder once again to complete 1 repetition.

Different Agility Ladder Runs.

  1. Run through the ladder, make a step in every square.
  2. Bunny hops. Quick hops with both feet inside every square of the ladder.
  3. Five bunny hops, switch to running through the rest of the ladder.
  4. Run across the agility ladder.


  • Stay light on your feet for every ladder exercise.
  • Every step should be a touch on the soccer ball when dribbling around the cone triangle.
  • Alternate dribbling the ball starting to the left / right side.
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