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Soccer Dribbling Drill

Soccer Dribbling Drill

Soccer Dribbling Drill

Young players find this soccer dribbling drill lots of fun while the game itself teaches them both attacking and defensive responsibilities.

Players also have to be aware of the their number being called, sprinting into action as they try to get to the ball and than attack their opponent/s.


  • Mark an area 20 m/yd X 15 m/yd.
  • Make 2 goals on each side of the field about 1 m/yd wide, or use pug goals.
  • Split the players into even groups, and give each group player a number. For example, 8 players will split into half to make 4 players per group, so they will each have numbers 1, 2, 3 or 4.
  • Coach will take a position on the sideline center, with each group of players on each side. 


  • Coach will start the drill by yelling out a number, and kicking the ball into play. 
  • Players from both groups, who have been assigned that number, will sprint on the field to win the ball.
  • Whoever gets to the ball first will be able to attack the defending player and score on his/her goal.
  • The game is played until one player scores a goal, or the ball goes out of bounds. If the game is taking too long, Coach will count down 5 seconds until the next player goes.
  • Encourage players to take on opponents, and shoot whenever there is a chance to get the shot off.
  • Play up to 5, or 10 goals, than the loosing team can get punished with sprints, pushups or sit-ups.
  • Yell out more than one number to make the game 2vs2, 3vs3 or 4vs4. 
  • Add a rule for players to have to run around the field and enter the field from the back of side of their goal.

Get creative and have fun. 

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