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Soccer Drills for Kids

Soccer Drills for Kids

Soccer Drills for Kids

Soccer drills for kids should be focused around fun and lots of touches on the ball. What better way to have fun than to simply play a small sided game with 2 goals to score on.

These small sided games can be applied in team training or with a group of friends.

Make the goals smaller to add more difficulty.


  • Create a small sided soccer field 30 m/yd long, 20 m/yd wide.
  • Adjust field size to players age and skill level.
  • Set up 4 goals, two in each corner of the field, for each team to defend/attack.
  • Goals should not be more than 8 ft wide.
  • 2 teams will play a game. Each team will have two goals to score on, and two goals to defend on possession change.
  • Make the goals smaller or bigger depending on the player group size and skill level.  


  • Limit touches to 1 - 3 touches on the ball. Apply this rule once the players feel comfortable with the ball at their feet.
  • Add a neutral player, or two, to help the attacking team in the possession of the ball.
  • Add a neutral player who will always play on the defensive team, making it harder to score for the attackers.
  • Score goals by dribbling the ball through the goal, instead of shooting. 
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