Soccer Conditioning

Soccer conditioning drills play one of the major roles in every players game.

It doesn't matter how talented, or quick the player is. Not being fit causes loss of breath, and oxygen making its way to the brain, leading to making mistakes with the most simple skills in the game.

One of the most important parts, for any soccer players game, is the ability to withstand constant running, and changes of speed and direction to fill empty space on the field. This is impossible to do without being in great shape, which can be achieved only with conditioning drills for soccer.

Conditioning soccer training is a crucial part of the game today, because of all the research and technology that has allowed us to learn new and better ways to get into top shape.

Conditioning drills are very discomforting, and sometimes feels like torture, but hard work in training brings results on the field when it matters the most.

Conditioning for soccer will literally bring the players down on their knees, at times hating the training sessions, but later thanking the Coaches when they get out on the field, and play this game fit.

Players will need to be encouraged, and pushed at times, because the time spent running in training will also pass, and the players will be rewarded with fit and able body later.

Soccer training for fitness is disliked by many players, especially at a young age, because all they wanna do is play the game, and scrimmage. 

Conditioning for soccer has delayed gratification, and even though training may be hard, and disliked by many players, this type of soccer training becomes very rewarding later in the game, when the players aren't easily tired, and are able to go the full game at the same pace they started.

Game is 90 min long, and the game is often decided in the final 20 min of the game. Team with better soccer conditioning is usually the one that comes out a winner.

No player has ever drowned in sweat, so pushing the players, and encouraging them to push themselves is the best way to apply soccer conditioning training.

Our bodies are complex, and just getting over that I CAN'T mentality, is the key to seeing what our body is really capable.

Most important part of soccer conditioning training is the final run, or that final sprint, due to our body creating resistance points, and the more we push, the further these resistance points move.

Just think of it as a temporary discomfort with delayed gratification. It will pay off greatly later in the games.


Soccer Conditioning


  • Place 6 cones to create a rectangle with 10 - 15 m/yd of space between cones.


  • Start with 10 pushups at the first cone, followed with a sprint to the 2nd cone.
  • At 2nd cone do 10 sit ups, and sprint to the 3th cone.
  • At 3rd cone do 10 knee jumps, and sprint across to the 4th cone.
  • Repeat 10 pushups, and sprint to cone 5.
  • At 5th cone repeat 10 sit ups, and sprint to cone 6.
  • Finish with another 10 knee jumps, and a sprint to the FINISH line.


This cone set up is easy to use and get creative with the types of runs done.

The example above includes some strength training mixed with running. This cone set up can also be used towards suicide runs or fast paced rectangle runs.

Get creative and make your own rules.