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Soccer Agility Drills

Soccer agility drills are used to improve players balance, body control, foot speed, and coordination.

Soccer agility training should be focused on the correct form, so that our muscles can memorize this form through repetition.

Agility training is very important part of any soccer players skill development, simply because every player in soccer will constantly need to stop, change direction, sprint and stop again.

Key to developing agility in soccer is repetition of agility drills for soccer.

Look at Christiano Ronaldo, or Lionel Messi, and the speed they possess. Training and repetition.

They are two of the best soccer players in the world right now, and when you see them play you can notice how good their agility and speed is.

They will run in one direction, than cut inside, and before the defender knows what happened, they will cut back, and change direction again.

It took many years, sweat and dedication to learn the proper technique and body position for the best way to stop, sprint and change direction.

These players are the biggest nightmare for every defender in the world, especially when they find the opportunity to go 1 vs 1 with the defender.

Soccer is a game played with short bursts of speed, usually no more than 20 - 30 m/yd long.

It is a game played with many changes of direction, starts and sudden stops.

The best way to improve players agility is through soccer speed agility drills.

All of the agility soccer drills should be focused on performing correctly, and with the right form at first.

As the form gets better, so does the speed in which agility drills are done.

Best way to incorporate soccer agility training is by doing 3 - 4 repetitions, in 3 - 4 sets, 2 - 3 times a week.

Remember that soccer agility training should focus on quality and form, rather than who gets it done quicker.

Soccer Agility Drills

Soccer Agility Drills


  • Place two cones 20 m/yd apart.
  • Place two more cones in the center, 2-3 m/yd to the left, and right.


  • Start from the middle cone on the left, and sprint to the first cone, and around it...
  • Sprint to the cone at the other end, and around it...
  • Finish the drill with a short sprint to the finish cone (other middle cone)...
  • Finish 3 - 4 repetitions, 3 - 4 sets.
  • One run is 1 repetition. 

Encourage players to run at full pace and use short steps when approaching the cone so they can turn tightly and explode towards the next cone.

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