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Agility drills for soccer are done in 2 - 3 reps for each footwork drill through the speed ladder.

(00:14) Run the Ladder and Control the Soccer Ball with Right Foot
(01:58) Run Across the Ladder, Control the Soccer Ball with Left Foot
(04:12) Bunny Hops Through Ladder, Free Control
(05:57) Bunny Half, Run Half the Ladder, Two Passes, and Shoot

Many different footwork drills are used with the agility ladder. Get creative, and have fun experimenting.

Focus on technique and footwork instead of speed. Arms should be moving in sync with the feet. Teaching players early on the importance of arms in soccer will benefit them as long as they play. Although the game is not played with hands, arms significantly impact protecting the players' space around them.

I tend to allow players to make mistakes and show them the difference in doing the soccer drills the right way.

Coaches should encourage and teach players how to do the exercises better, but too much stopping and explaining is detrimental in developing.

Every player has their style of play, body movement, strengths, and weaknesses.

Agility drills for soccer focus on fundamentals and body movement techniques to teach the muscles how to move quicker—this type of training results in quicker footwork for faster speed, acceleration, and direction change.

Young soccer players need agility drills to improve footwork and body coordination. This soccer agility drill uses the agility ladder, three cones, and a soccer ball to add touches with agility and speed.

Boys go through two or three reps before changing the footwork through the agility ladder. I always like to motivate and encourage players to work hard in training, and it will transfer into playing hard in games.

Agility Drills for Soccer

Agility Drills for Soccer

This is one of the more fun agility drills for soccer, especially for younger players with good work ethic in training.

Very simple to set up and get going. This exercise can also be used for warm up part of the game.


  • Create a square 20 m/yd X 20 m/yd...
  • Instruct players to find a teammate, or split the players into groups of 2...
  • Players will distance themselves 2 m/yd away from each other...


  • Player in front will start running around in the box, making sudden changes of speed and direction...
  • Player behind  him/her will attempt to duplicate his teammates moves, while keeping a distance of 2 m/yd in between them.
  • Players will switch roles after 2 min...

For more players, or different age groups, simply expand the square.

Take the square away and have players run around in the open space. The goal is to encourage players who are in the front leading to do sudden change of direction, stop, accelerate, cut etc...

Important part of this soccer agility training is to concentrate on direction change, sudden change of pace, and short steps to do so.

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Agility Drills for Soccer with Cones are done in 2 - 3 reps for each footwork drill through the speed ladder. Focus on technique and footwork instead of speed.

8 Agility Ladder Drills, also called speed ladder drills, are an essential part of soccer training to help develop and improve the player's agility, speed, coordination, and footwork.

Speed Training for Soccer is tough, and some players don't see the benefit of doing all the running in practice.