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World Soccer Teams
List of Soccer Teams

World Soccer Teams - Introduction

Hello and welcome to the side of my webpage reserved for soccer teams from all over the world.

I decided to start writing articles revolving around different soccer teams in Europe, South America and USA.

I will try and find as much information as I can for this list of soccer teams including team history, championships won, wallpapers, great moments in that teams history etc..

If you love soccer than you must have a favorite soccer team that you are very passionate about from the long list of soccer teams in Europe, South America, USA and other parts of the world.

Soccer nowadays brings a smile to peoples faces as the game keeps growing into being a #1 sport everywhere in the world.

There are still some nations that are behind in soccer development, USA being one of them, but all of these nations are slowly starting to introduce this sport and I am sure that in the near future soccer will become the #1 sport in every part of the world.

World soccer teams deserve a spot on my website as much as soccer teams have a place in peoples hearts.

There are so many soccer teams that have been around for 100s of years and have many faithful fans watching every single game during the season and buying their team jerseys, scarfs, flags and other accessories, after all soccer is a multi billion dollar industry.

World soccer teams spend millions of dollars every year bringing new and well known players into the club because of simple demand by the public to see the best players play in their team uniform and followers are willing to pay the admission to see him/her in action on the pitch.

Salary is the one thing that grew largely over the past 20 years allowing players luxury and multi million dollar deals for their soccer skills.

Some of the most famous European soccer teams include Chelsea, Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Arsenal, AC Milan, Inter Milan, Juventus, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Santos, Boca Juniors and many other soccer teams around the world.

Most popular world soccer teams today are Real Madrid, Barcelona and Manchester United.

Real Madrid is believed to have the highest amount of revenue and profit than any other soccer club and some people believe that because of this Real Madrid is the most popular team in the world.

No matter which way you look at it, every soccer club has a fan base following their team no matter if its in the Premier League, Spanish La Liga or some league in a part of the world that we have never heard off.

Soccer teams in Europe and around the world usually have a nickname for their fans, Manchester United fans are called Red Devils, Liverpool fans are called The Red Army, Barcelona fans are called Culés and Real Madrid fans are called Madridistas just to name a few.

In my opinion fans are what makes a soccer club and more people that show interest in a club, the more success that club can have.

World soccer teams are there for our entertainment and if there were no fans to support the team than soccer would not be where it is today.

Please feel free to click on your favorite soccer team from the list of soccer teams below to learn more about your team and find wallpapers so you can support your team on your desktop :)

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