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Chelsea FC
Chelsea Football Club

Chelsea FC - Introduction

Chelsea football club is an English Premier League soccer team located in Fulham, London.

Soccer Chelsea club was founded in 1905 and have spend most of their playing time in the top English Premier League.

Chelsea home stadium is the Stamford Bridge, seating 42,000 FC Chelsea supporters and this stadium has remained their home field since they were first established in 1905.

One of the most successful clubs in England, Chelsea won their first Premier League title in 1955 followed by various titles both in England and Europe.

Chelsea football club has won 4 League Titles, 7 FA Cups, 4 League Cups and 4 FA Community Shields.

Chelsea soccer club has had success in European competition as well having won 2 UEFA Cup Winners Cup, 1 Uefa Super Cup and 1 UEFA Champions League title.

Chelsea football club home soccer uniform has been royal blue shirt and shorts with white socks while away uniform has been white or black.

Chelsea logo or Chelsea crest has been changed 5 times during the clubs existence with the first Chelsea crest being used for almost 50 years from 1905-1952.

First FC Chelsea crest was introduced when the club was established in 1905 and although the club didn't use the logo on their shirts, their crest started showing up on match-day programmes.

The first Chelsea logo featured one of the famous Chelsea Pensioners that gave rise to the clubs early nickname.

After Ted Drake took over as Chelsea FC manager in 1952 first thing he wanted to do is change the old Pensioners Chelsea badge to a new FC Chelsea crest to go with the new Chelsea nickname "The Blues".

While the new design was being worked on, Chelsea FC used the cipher of the clubs initials on their logo.

The next Chelsea FC badge is perhaps the most famous as it was used for 33 years by the blues.

The design of this crest was inspired by the civic coat of arms of the Metropolitan Borough of Chelsea.

Use of the lion on the crest came from the Arms of Earl Cadogan, president of the club who also held the title of Viscount Chelsea.

The staff in the hands of lion is that of Abbot of Westminster whose jurisdiction extended over Chelsea.

Roses represent England and the footballs represent the game of soccer.

Important to mention is that Chelsea FC did not wear badges on their shirts until 1960 making this Chelsea crest the first badge to be used on Chelsea jerseys by using the complete crest with the circle and sawing it onto the jerseys.

Due to the complexity of the design, simplified variations were stitched into the shirts during the 1960s and 1970s, even though the full design complete with circle remained the official club badge.

Cup triumphs of the early 1970s were marked with the addition of an FA Cup symbol and stars.

During the 1986, Chelsea FC came out with their fourth badge with one goal in mind and that is to make money from the growing merchandising opportunities around soccer.

The design featured the lion and CFC (Chelsea Football Club) letters.

Over time several color combinations were used for marketing purposes but the lion and CFC letters remained in all the new color designs.

This Chelsea badge was used for almost 19 years serving the club very well.

At the start of 20th century fans demanded for a return of the old style design from the now appointed new board of directors at the club.

Chelsea supporters wanted to return the old-style design to take Chelsea into the new era.

The new Chelsea badge was introduced in May, 2005. featuring old Chelsea logo from the 1950's.

This new Chelsea crest was made to honor the Chelsea heritage featuring the design based on the one from 1950's.

As the club approached 100 years in existence, board of directors introduced the new crest reflecting the Chelsea FC crest from 1950's to celebrate clubs 100 years.

The board of directors said that the new crest reflects the clubs tradition while it also represents the clubs identity for the next 100 years.

There you have a little history background on Chelsea FC crest and year that the club was originally founded.

Chelsea football club is one of the top clubs in the world right now featuring some of the top players in the world and aiming at bringing more titles to the Stamford Bridge.

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