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Warm Up Soccer Drills

Warm Up Soccer Drills

Warm Up Soccer Drills Are Part of the Game

Warm up soccer drills are a very important part of the soccer game.

Warm up drills should be used by players to minimize risk of injury, and avoid those awful sideline times that come with soccer related injuries.

Warm up drills, before soccer game or training session, will greatly reduce the players potential for injury.

Warming up with soccer drills take 10 - 15 minutes of time to prepare the body for the stress that it will endure during the game or practice.

Scrimmaging with friends, take a few minutes to yourself and warm up before making sudden movement and kicking the soccer ball.

Soccer warm up drills will bring the players heart rate up, and prepare the muscle fibers for more stressful situations on the field.

Clubs, and players find different ways to warm up, and here are some options for preparing your body for soccer.

  1. Light Jog Around the Soccer Field  
  2. Static or Dynamic Stretching
  3. Soccer Drills with or without the soccer ball
  4. Soccer Drills with or without the soccer ball

Every practice should start with a light jog, followed by dynamic stretching from head to ankles, and then finished with 2 more different warm up soccer drills for players to enjoy with the soccer ball.

Depending on the intensity of practice planned or game played, Coach will set the warm up part more intense or relaxed.

Start every training session with a light jog and dynamic stretching, before players start kicking the soccer ball.

Warming up before the players start kicking the ball will greatly decrease the chance for minor, or major player injuries.

Enjoy soccer as a sport and have fun, it’s a wonderful game that lets you forget everything once the whistle is blown.

I have created different soccer drills for warming up, which can be used as-is, or adapted and made creative to your own style of training. 

Please feel free to explore warm up drills listed below.

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