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Warm Up Soccer Drill

Warm Up Soccer Drill

This warm up soccer drill requires players to pass, and run through the cone activities with little or no rest.

When done properly there will be minimal wait for the players, as they move around the training grid.


  • Set up a rectangle 20 m/yd long x 15 m/yd wide.
  • Make a passing channel (blue cones) 1 - 2 m/yd wide in the center of the rectangle.
  • Place 3 – 5 cones on each side of the rectangle for players to do different activities… distance between these cones should not exceed 1 m/yd. 
  • Split the players up into 2 groups with 2-4 players per group.
  • Each group will stand about 20 meters/yards apart, on the opposite end of the rectangle. One team will have the soccer ball (in the picture above, the red players start the drill because they have the ball).
  • Once you have the grid set up similar to the picture above, this drill is rather easy to explain.
  • The red player will start this soccer warm up drill by passing the soccer ball through the passing channel to the black player.
  • After the pass is made, player will run through to the left and through his/her channel on the left side.
  • In this example player will use quick feet to get around all the cones.
  • The red player will finish the drill with quick feet all around the last cone and then explosive run to the back of the black players line.
  • While the red player is performing the drill, one of the black players should be doing the same thing.
  • Players will pass the soccer ball and run through the grid as soon as the pass is made, it should look smooth with players running both grids, and the soccer ball moving from one side to the other through the blue passing channel.


  • Demonstrate this, or any other soccer drill, especially when doing it for the first time.
  • Pay attention to player’s footwork, and turning radius around the cones.  
  • When turning around the cones, players should drop down slightly by bending their knees, and try to make the turns around the cones as quick and short as possible.
  • This warm up drill should be done at 80% pace. 
  • Modify this drill by adding different activities for the activity cone part of the grid.
  • Players can do high knees, back pedal, side stepping, karaoke, but kicks, suicide runs etc…

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