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Rules of Soccer

Rules of Soccer Are Followed Like This...
If It Moves Kick It, and If It Doesn't Move,
Kick It Until It Does.

Rules of soccer are very simple when playing for fun.

Set two goals on opposite sides and try to kick the ball in between the goal posts of your opponent to score, don't use your hands.

Not that many soccer rules are needed to play this game for fun.

Basic soccer rules are followed including out of bounds and fouls called by the players.

Team or a player scoring more goals wins the game.

Goal posts can be made with backpacks, shoes, rocks or any other object to mark the post.

Few friends and a soccer ball will make for a fun small sided game, where the soccer rules are made up by the players.

When soccer ball is not available, anything laying around on the ground can be used as a soccer ball (soda can or even a small rock).

For some odd reason kicking stuff on the ground is a lot of fun.

Some of the greatest soccer players have fallen in love with this sport, due to long walks to school, which gave them time to constantly play with the ball or other objects laying on the ground.

Soccer is a very physical sport when played in a more competitive league and soccer rules are needed in order to keep the game organized and under control.

Getting pushed, kicked, pinched, stepped on, verbally provoked etc. is all part of the competitive soccer game.

The referee is there to control the game and keep order by enforcing Laws of the Game, set by the governing body of World Soccer, FIFA.

Referees are not able to see everything that is going on during a soccer match and will make mistakes during the game.

When players lose their temper and complain about every call the referee makes, their concentration falls and the performance on the field suffers.

Staying calm and playing the game with a positive attitude is how soccer should be played.

Winning the game at the and will feel much better than constantly complaining to the referees. 

When playing this game for fun or competitive, getting kicked is in the game is almost mandatory.

Soccer is a contact sport played with our feet after all.

Organized Leagues will follow the Basic Rules of Soccer written by the World Soccer Governing Body, FIFA.

Competitive Leagues adhere to soccer rules that are known as the Laws of the Game. 

fifa laws of the game brief history

First set of rules for soccer was written in 1863, at a Freemason's Tavern located in London.

These soccer rules were named Laws of the Game, with a goal in mind that all English Soccer Clubs start following the same set of rules.

Through time, Laws of the Game have been modified and tweaked to go along with the evolving game of soccer. Different Countries and Leagues started applying the same set of rules to their competitive leagues.

However, Laws of the Game written in 1863, are considered the constitution of soccer today. Most rules written so long ago have remained the same over the years.

For more information on Soccer Rules visit FIFA Laws of the Game.

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Important Soccer Rules Explained