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Famous Soccer Players

Here you can find biographies of the famous soccer players that we all love and cheer for.

It is really hard to pick greatest soccer players or top 10 soccer players because of so many different players adding greatness to this great game through the history of soccer.

Growing up most of us have had great soccer players as our idols or hero's fantasizing about following in their footsteps and playing pro.

However as time changes, so do the best soccer players of new generations that different people love to watch and follow.

I grew up idolizing legendary soccer player Zinedine Zidane. He was my idol and best soccer player in the world for me.

There were other great soccer players such as Del Piero, Djorkaeff, Ronaldo, Rivaldo and Shevchenko just to name a few but my top soccer player was Zidane and I wanted to be like him and play like him growing up.

Its hard to single out the best soccer players as everybody has different opinions when it comes to this part of soccer history.

During my time as a boy on the streets of war torn Sarajevo, players like Zinedine Zidane and other players I liked gave me hope to live, play and laugh although the streets were unsafe and the conditions were even worse.

Putting on my best soccer players jersey provided me with safety, hope and dreams which were easy to lose during these horrible times.

I remember laying in bed and fantasizing about a better life, life that these great soccer players have while bullet and grenade sounds disrupted the night.

My body was there but my imagination made me wonder off and dream...

Ten years later most of these players have retired while new breed of famous soccer players have taken the spotlight.

Today's best soccer players include Lionel Messi, Xavi, Torres, Ronaldo, Kaka, Ozil and Ibrahimovic just to name a few.

My plan here is to recognize greatest soccer players from the past as well as the present. I want to dedicate one web page for every player I find interesting to write about.

Most of these famous soccer players shaped this sport into what it is today.

They were great and deserve to be mentioned as top soccer players because they trained very hard and long to be able to entertain people watching from all around the world.

Many of these legendary soccer players come from a very poor background and soccer/football is their way out of poverty so they become the best at what they do by practicing hours upon hours which over time made them magicians with the soccer ball.

Practice makes perfect and consistency is the map to success.

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Eric Cantona Biography
Eric Cantona was born in Marseille, France on May 24th, 1966.
Franz Beckenbauer Biography
Franz Anton Beckenbauer is a German Football/Soccer coach, menager and former player nicknamed "Der Kaiser" which means "The Emperor".
Gianluigi Buffon Biography
The fact is that Gianluigi Buffon is perhaps one of the most complete soccer/football goalkeepers to ever play this great game of football/soccer.
Jared Borgetti Biography
Jared Borgetti is a Mexican born striker that still holds the record for the most goals scored for his National Team Mexico.
Roberto Baggio Biography
Mentioning the name Baggio to anyone around the world that follows soccer at all will point to the one and only Roberto Baggio and his famous ponytail.
Michael Ballack Biography
Michel Ballack started his soccer playing days when he was only 7 years old at the local club Chemnitzer FC.
Gabriel Batistuta Biography
Gabriel Omar Batistuta had played most of his career in the Italian league where he earned his nickname "Batigol".
Dennis Bergkamp Biography
Dennis Bergkamp is perhaps one of the most interesting players to watch on the soccer field during his playing days. When I think of Dennis Bergkamp "IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING" comes to mind :)
David Beckham Biography
I dont think there is one person in the world that does not know who David Beckham is.
Adriano Biography
Deadly left foot and big bulky frame is what Adriano brings to the soccer pitch.
Cristiano Ronaldo Biography
Cristiano Ronaldo, short for Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro, was born in Santo Antonio, a neighborhood of Funchal, Madeira.
Ronaldinho Gaucho Biography
Ronaldo de Assis Moreira or better known as Ronaldinho or Ronaldinho Gaucho all through out the world is a Brazilian famous soccer player that made headlines many times through his rich career.
Zinedine Zidane Biography
Zinedine Zidane is a retired French soccer player that is regarded as one of the greatest soccer players of all time.
Lionel Messi Biography
Lionel Messi was born in Rosario, Santa Fe to a factory steel worker father Jorge Horacio Messi and a part-time cleaner mother Celia Maria Messi.
Mia Hamm Biography
Mia Hamm is a retired American soccer player that played many times as a Forward for the United States Woman's National Soccer Team.
Pele Biography
Biography of Pele is very rich in many ways. He is widely regarded as one of the best soccer players in the the history of soccer.
Oliver Kahn Biography
Oliver Kahn is one of the most successful German goalkeepers in recent history.
Luis Figo Biography
Luis Figo is a Portuguese soccer player that is without a doubt one of the best soccer players to emerge out of Portugal.
Alessandro Del Piero Biography
Alessandro Del Piero biography shows that he was born on November 9th, 1974 in Conegliano, Veneto, Italy to father Gino, an electrician, and mother Bruna, a houskeeper.
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