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ABOUT SoccerManiak

I am SoccerManiak, and my name is Armin. I'm a Coach, I'm a Player, I'm a parent, and I'm a Lifelong Student of the Game. 

SoccerManiak is a resource for soccer players, coaches, parents and anyone else who wants to learn more about this great sport.

My story with the soccer ball starts as far back as I can remember.

I started playing and developing my passion for the sport on the streets of Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) around the age of 5, followed by club soccer at age 7.

My older sister always makes fun of me having the soccer ball at my feet even before I could walk. She was 8 when I was born :)

Growing up through the Civil War of Yugoslavia, soccer was there to take my mind off of horrible things happening around me on a daily basis.

I can still recall walking many miles to practice, and back home, whilst the danger of getting shot or blown up was very high and possible each and every day.

I spent 6 years at FK Zeljeznicar, all while constantly playing street soccer, and other neighborhood soccer games with my friends.

Soccer gave me the opportunity to travel the world at a very young age. I traveled to Italy, Sweden, Slovakia and Germany for different tournaments while I was at FK Zeljeznicar.

Since moving to America back in 1999 I have been playing Indoor, Futsal and Outdoor soccer in local Utah leagues.

I read somewhere that there is a lot of failed talent in the world, and I consider myself one of them. Worst part is when other people watch me play and than tell me the same thing.

Kids nowadays have a lot more opportunity in this sport, as the game rapidly grows and establishes itself as part of a new American Soccer Culture.

Over the years I have learned many different skills and things about the game.

I started this Website due to my thirst for more soccer knowledge through research and writing, while also sharing my own knowledge of the game with everyone else.

I am still very active in playing soccer, and I have also ventured into Coaching young soccer players in the area of Salt Lake City, Utah.

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about soccer maniak, about soccermaniak, about me, about armin serdarevic soccer maniak
about soccer maniak, about soccermaniak, about me, about armin serdarevic soccer maniak
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