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Fun Soccer Warm Up DrillsFun Soccer Warm Up Drills


Fun soccer warm up drills aimed for players to break a sweat through passing and running.

This is one of the easiest warm up passing drills that can be set up, and started in minutes.

  • Split the players up into groups of 4, with 1 soccer ball per group.
  • Split the 4 players into groups of two, and instruct them to stand in a straight line with 10 – 15 m/yd of distance in between the players.
  • 2 players should stand one behind another with the player in front having the possession of the soccer ball (1 soccer ball per 4 players).
  • Goal for this soccer warm up exercise is to pass the soccer ball to the teammate on the opposite side, and follow his/her pass, running behind the player on the opposite side.
  • Encourage players to strike the soccer ball with the inside of their foot, using the correct passing technique (locking the ankle and pointing toes up) for a firm pass on the ground.


  • Coaches should watch, and get involved in players development, by pointing out mistakes and wrong technique that is especially easy to correct when working with younger soccer players.
  • Goal is to have players perform the drill correctly, so it will look like clockwork, with passes and players running behind each other, and just enough time to catch a breath before doing  it again.
  • Players struggling to use the proper technique need to slow down, and focus on slow execution and body movement for muscles to remember. Constant repetition of correct technique at a slower pace will allow muscle memory to pick up the correct body movement so that it can be applied at a faster pace…. just SLOW down and get the technique before trying to perform any drill at higher speeds.
  • The whole point of this drill is to get the movement and passes correctly so that a flow is created and the drill can be used to its fullest potential. It may take a little time to teach young players this pre game soccer warm up drill, and as they spend the time learning how to do this drill, they will work on building a positive habit in passing and moving into space. 


  • Allow players to trap the ball, by cushioning it, and then passing it back to next player. 
  • Have the player’s increase the tempo of passing and running… maybe do 3 minute sessions with 1 minute at 50% pace, second minute at 75% pace and the final minute at game pace 100%.
  • Instruct the players to use different parts of their foot when passing the soccer ball.
  • Pass the ball midair (knee level preferably), for an aerial trap, and pass back in the midair. 
  • Use your imagination and come up with different ways to modify this, or any other drill into a fun soccer warm up drill. 
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