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Barcelona Logo
Barcelona Crest History

Barcelona Logo - Introduction to FC Barcelona Crest History

Barcelona Football Club is one of the very few teams that have used their crest on their soccer uniforms since the club was originally founded in 1899.

During the first 11 years of FC Barcelona's existence, the club used coat of arms of the city of Barcelona as their logo and proudly displayed it on their jerseys.

This logo consisted of diamond shape divided into four corners surrounded by two tree branches, one of a laurel tree and the other a palm tree with a crown and bat on top of the diamond shape.

This Barcelona FC logo was a way for Barcelona Football Club to express the club's link to the city in which FC Barcelona was born during 1899.

FC Barcelona crest history shows us that Barcelona Football Club logo had remained the same until 1910.

During the 1910 a decision was made to come up with a new Barcelona FC logo that will represent the club itself for years to come.

It is kind of funny how today's Barcelona crest came to be as it is connected to 1910 Barcelona FC competition between all the members that wanted to present their ideas.

The winner of this Barcelona logo competition was Carles Comamala, who also played for the club between 1903 - 1912.

The crest you see FC Barcelona wear today actually comes from a Barcelona player with artistic talent, Carles Comamala.

FC Barcelona crest remained pretty much the same over the years with very few minor alterations to this original Barcelona logo from 1910.

As you can see in the Barcelona history logo picture above, the Barcelona crest has not changed much.

Still supporting a bowl shaped design with two upper quarters filled with St George Cross in one side and the red and yellow bars in the other side representing Barcelona and Catalonia.

Barcelona Football Club initials are inscribed on the strip across the center and bellow it are Barcelona FC club colors and a ball.

Changes to the Barcelona logo have been minimal over the years and are generally just modifying the aesthetics and the patterns used for the outline.

The biggest change to FC Barcelona crest came when Franco came to power and the letters FCB were replaced by CFB, so that the club is using the Spanish version of its name.

The original lettering FCB came back to Barcelona FC logo in late 1974 when Barcelona reverted the crest to the original 1910 design.

Barcelona FC logo has not changed much today other than just adding few cosmetic touches to make the logo more eye catching.

I hope you found this article helpful to learning about Barcelona FC logo history.

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