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Soccer Agility Ladder Drills

**Soccer Agility Ladder Drills Training Timeline**

  • (00:00) Variation #1 - Run the Ladder, Run the Speed Hurdles, Hop the 2nd Ladder, Forward Back Through Cones, and Sprint
  • (01:08) Variation #2 - Across the Ladder, Hop the Speed Hurdles, Hop and Back Hop the 2nd Ladder, Forward Back Through Cones, and Sprint 
  • (03:03) Variation #3 - Run the Grid, Passing Through Cones, and Finish
  • (06:36) Variation #4 - Run the Ladder, Run the Speed Hurdles, Run the Second Ladder, Receive Long Pass, and Finish
  • (10:28) Variation #5 - Competition Runs - Sprint, Backpedal, Run the Speed Ladder, Sprint Forward

The set up for this soccer drill uses cones, agility ladders, hurdles, and the soccer ball. Create channels with the cones, inserting an agility ladder in the first channel, speed hurdles in the second channel, and another agility ladder in the third channel. To add more movement, I also place four cones in a straight line in front of the agility and speed training grid. 

Soccer Speed and Agility Training helps players get their bodies more coordinated to become faster and more agile anytime they change direction and speed during the game. 

Speed and agility are critical aspects to becoming a better soccer player because this game requires lots of change of direction and speed during the game, along with running long distances during any match.

Fit, quick players have the advantage on the field. Combine fitness and quickness with technical skills on the ball, and you have a great soccer player. 

I like this soccer speed and agility training set up because it allows coaches to tweak and change little things to make the soccer drills different. The soccer ball adds more technical work with the ball without changing the exercise setup and moving cones around. 

Soccer Agility Ladder Drills with Cones and Ball

**Soccer Agility Ladder Drills Training Timeline**

  • (00:00) Demonstration
  • (00:20) Run the Agility Ladder, Sprint, Back Pedal, Dribble the Ball Through Cones & Shoot - 3 to 4 Reps
  • (04:57) Bunny Hop the Ladder, Sprint, Back Pedal, Dribble the Ball Through Cones on Opposite Side & Shoot - 3 to 4 Reps
  • (09:14) Across the Agility Ladder, Sprint, Back Pedal, Dribble the Ball Through Cones & Shoot - 3 to 4 Reps

Soccer agility ladder drills improve players' coordination, agility, speed, and body form technique through repeated exercises using the speed ladder. Combine soccer agility ladder drills with sprinting, dribbling, and shooting to have a fun soccer training drill with different aspects of the game. Players need to slow down if they keep skipping squares through the speed ladder. Building the technique first is most important by stepping in every square of the agility ladder. Different footwork drills with the agility ladder require the muscles to remember the correct way of moving the feet. This training helps players learn and develop optimum speed for their body type in different game situations. 

Soccer Agility Ladder Drills
Long Speed Ladder, Cones, and Soccer Ball

**Soccer Agility Drills Timeline**

  • (00:01) Variation #1 - Run the Agility Ladder, Control the Soccer Ball, and Shoot
  • (02:00) Variation #2 - Bunny Hop Half Way Through the Ladder, Switch to Running Speed Ladder, Dribble the Soccer Ball, and Shoot
  • (04:47) Variation #3 - Run Half Way Through the Agility Ladder, Switch to Bunny Hops, Dribble the Soccer Ball Around the Cones, 1V1, and Shoot
  • (09:55) Ball Control - Roll the Soccer Ball Across the Body with Straight Line Cones. Left Foot Rolls Followed with Right Foot Rolls, and a Shot.

Another soccer drill with the agility ladder and cones. Soccer agility ladder drills are easy to change and tweak using different footwork through the ladder and different cone setup. Lots of players enjoy doing agility ladder soccer drills. Adding the soccer ball makes the training even more enjoyable. It adds more touches on the soccer ball to improve the technical aspect of the game. Get creative with soccer training drills to add more direction changes, pace change, and work with the soccer ball as often as possible. 

Soccer Coaching Tips for Agility Ladder Drills 

I encourage stepping into every square of the ladder, no matter what exercise they use to get through the agility ladder. In this soccer training session, players use running, bunny hops, and across the ladder movement. It's easy for young players to start skipping the squares trying to go faster. I always encourage slowing down and stepping in each square as they move through the agility ladder. Sometimes I will pull the player back to restart the run through the ladder if I see them skipping squares on a more consistent basis. Arms play a significant role in soccer, adding balance and protection of space around the players. I encourage players to move their arms instead of keeping them down the sides. Arm movement is an essential component for proper body movement when running with or without the soccer ball. 

Short sprint when exiting the agility ladder needs to be quick and explosive, just like the backpedal to and around the setup cones on the side of the ladder. Finally, players get to dribble the soccer ball through the cones and finish with a shot on goal. Focus when dribbling the soccer ball needs to be on short controlled touches through the cones. Encourage players to get creative with their touches on the ball and use both feet to get through the cones. 

Boys go through the exercise until they run out of the soccer balls, or 3 - 4 reps, before changing the footwork through the agility ladder. 

Taking away the soccer balls turns this soccer drill into more agility, speed, and conditioning type of soccer agility ladder drills. 

Get creative and change up movement through the agility ladder. 

Keep the players active by starting the next player as soon as they exit from the agility ladder. 

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