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Agility Ladder Drills


(00:14) Run the Ladder X3
(01:02) Across the Ladder X3
(03:20) Run and Bunny Hop X3
(04:23) Sideways with Side Switch X3
(05:23) Skip a Square, Back a Square X3
(07:27) Bunny Hops X3
(08:12) Right Foot Hops X3
(08:58) Left Foot Hops X3

Improve Footwork with Agility Ladder Drills

Agility ladder drills, also called speed ladder drills, are an essential part of soccer training to help develop and improve the player's agility, speed, coordination, and footwork.

Consistency and repetition are keys to improving agility and speed with agility ladder drills. Use agility ladder workouts frequently, especially since the agility ladder can adapt and mix with many other soccer drills.

Training with the speed ladder, focus on developing the correct form.

Start slow, and increase speed over time, trough repetition.

Use the agility ladder in training sessions for different soccer drills, adding footwork into the planned soccer training drills. 

Training with agility ladder drills for six weeks, three times a week, players can notice improvements in footwork. 

Agility Ladder Training Tips

  • Perform drills at 100% correct form and worry about speed later. 
  • Push off the balls of your feet, under the toes area.
  • Pump your hands from shoulder height to hips.
  • Keep your elbows at 90 degrees.
  • Keep your body relaxed.
  • Keep your body straight and head looking forward and still.

Run the Agility Ladder

Agility Ladder Drills


  • When you run through the ladder, it is essential not to skip any squares.
  • Concentrate on each foot landing inside each square.
  • Elbows should be moving in sync with the footwork.
  • At the end of the ladder, EXPLODE with your first step towards the cone. 
  • Repeat 3 - 4 times and change to different footwork exercises for 3 - 4 sets.


Agility Ladder Drills 1


  • Start by standing on either side of the agility ladder. 
  • If I am standing on the left side, I will start moving across the ladder by stepping in with my Right Foot First, Followed by Left Foot, and Exit the ladder in the same order. Then repeat from the left side, this time starting with the left foot in the next square.
  • Focus on technique at first. SLOW DOWN, and build up the speed. 
  • Stay on your toes. Heels should not be touching the ground. 
  • Do not cross your feet.
  • 3 - 4 REPETITIONS 

Run & Hop Mix Agility Ladder Drills

Agility Ladder Drills 2


  • Concentrate on the correct form and focus on running halfway through the ladder, and hopping the other half of the agility ladder. 
  • Switch it up to hopping first, running after. 
  • Focus on quick hops and fast footwork through the ladder, followed by a short sprint. 
  • Agility Ladder Drills - 3 to 4 Repetitions

Sideways and Switch Agility Ladder Drills

Agility Ladder Drills 3


  • Place one cone on each side of the ladder, 5 - 10 m/yd away. 
  • Run sideways through the ladder, and sprint or jog around the cone.
  • Run sideways through the ladder again, facing the same way, to come back with the opposite foot. 
  • If there is a cone on both sides of the ladder, run or jog around the 2nd cone. 
  • Focus on technique. Move your arms—shoulders and toes facing straight forward. Move the feet correctly, from Right to Left, then Left to Right on the way back. 
  • Don't cross the feet.
  • In the video, players switch stance halfway through the agility ladder. 
  • Agility Ladder Drills - 3 to 4 REPETITIONS

Skip a Square, Back a Square Agility Ladder Drills

Agility Ladder Drills 4


  • Hop in the second square with both feet, followed by hopping back inside the square behind you. 
  • Hop over the next square, skipping it and hopping backward inside it. 
  • Sprint and run around the cone, and jog back. 
  • Agility Ladder Drills - 3 to 4 Repetitions

Hop Trough the Agility Ladder

Agility Ladder Drills 5


  • Hop through the agility ladder one square at a time. 
  • Heels don't touch the ground, stay on your toes. 
  • Back straight and posture up to prevent falling forward. 
  • Slow down and work up the speed with consistency and repetition. 
  • Agility Ladder Drills - 3 to 4 REPETITIONS

One Foot Hop Agility Ladder Drill

Agility Ladder Drills 6


  • Place one cone on one side of the agility ladder, or place cones on both sides of the speed ladder, 10 m/yd away for more running.
  • Hop through the ladder on one foot, and sprint to the cone. 
  • Use the right foot for two to three reps and switch to left foot for another two to three reps.
  • Agility Ladder Drills - 3 to 4 REPETITIONS


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