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Speed Training for Soccer

Speed Training for Soccer Timeline

  • (00:16) Quick footwork
  • (02:15) Backpedal
  • (03:56) Ground footwork
  • (05:11) Shuttle runs

Speed training for soccer is tough, and some players don't see the benefit of doing all the running in practice.

Agility, speed, and conditioning is a significant factor in playing organized soccer games. Speed training for soccer compliments agility, fitness, and conditioning that can transform the players game and allow their skills to shine for the entire soccer match.

This soccer drill is a simple soccer exercise where players sprint forward after doing a task before the sprint. 

  • Set up two cones 5-10 m/yds apart.
  • Set up the third cone 20 - 30 m/yds ahead. 

These are three different speed training for soccer movements before exploding with speed to the last cone. 

  • Quick footwork skipping and explode to the last cone. 
  • Backpedal and sprint fast to the last cone. 
  • Ground footwork, up and blast off to the last cone. 

I did not use the soccer ball in this speed training drill for soccer but feel free to add the soccer ball for even more speed training, this time running with the soccer ball. 

Fitness and Speed Training for Soccer 

I usually finish the soccer training session with a couple of strength training exercises for soccer, such are planks and pushups or shuttle runs (suicide runs).

  • Shuttle Run (Suicide Runs / Torture Runs)

After an hour and a half of different soccer drills, including lots of ball control, agility, and speed training for soccer, I like to finish off the training session with Shuttle/Suicide/Torture runs. Players are pretty tired and ready to finish training with some fun playing soccer, but before the game, I like to torture them with one last soccer drill, shuttle runs.

Soccer is a type of torture running sport anyway. Learning how to take that in training goes a long way towards playing 90-minute games.  

Fitness and Speed Training for Soccer

Speed Training for Soccer

This soccer drill is very similar, with a little bit of difference in starting the exercise. 

  • Instead of 3 cones, I use two cones spaced 20-50 m/yds.
  • Before sprinting to the next cone, the player has to perform a task like 5 - 10 pushups, sit-ups, squats, air headers, start lying on the stomach or back, etc.
  • Pair up players to add competition.
  • Get creative and use simple exercises to engage players more during training sessions.
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Speed Training for Soccer is tough, and some players don't see the benefit of doing all the running in practice.