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Soccer Conditioning Training

Soccer Conditioning Training

Soccer Conditioning Training

This soccer conditioning training drill is very hard to do and is intended for more serious soccer players of all ages. Use the soccer field for this soccer conditioning drill.

If the field is not available, simple create a large grid and place cones to make it look like the soccer field.

You can do with 6 cones marking the sidelines, 3 on each side; corner, half field line, opposite corner.


  • Start at one of the corner flags and use the goal lines and sidelines for alternating between sprinting and jogging around the field.
  • Start sprinting across the goal line towards the opposite corner flag.
  • Once at the corner flag, start jogging up the field towards the half field line.
  • At half field line start sprinting again towards the corner flag.
  • Repeat the process of jogging the opposite goal line, sprinting up the sideline with jogging the other half of the field to the STARTING / FINISH point.
  • Repeat this soccer conditioning drill 3 - 4 times for a full fitness workout. 


  • Encourage players to go at full speed on the sprinting part. 
  • Players shouldn't cut corners, but go all the way around the corners. 
  • Pair up players to add competition factor.
  • Add a soccer ball at the players feet. 

Or you can get creative and use progression for each repetition. For example: first run would be with the soccer ball, second run without the ball but paired up for competition, third run alone.

That is just a simple example. Everything depends on what level of soccer the players are but any player can really do this exercise. Its just running with some guidelines to make it more or less difficult to do.

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