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Soccer Speed Drills for Youth

Soccer Speed Drills for Youth

Soccer Speed Drills for Youth

Soccer speed drills for youth should be simple and focused on less talking and explaining and more working.

Young players usually try to run as fast as they can and when they need to turn they turn wide around the cone losing precious time on every cut or turn.

Encourage players to use short steps and turn tightly around the cones followed with explosive sprint to the next cone.

This is the magic box because it can be applied in so many soccer exercises by using creativity and adding different rules to the square.


  • Set up a square grid with cones spaced 10 - 20 m/yds away.
  • For this soccer drill players will sprint forward to the second cone, around it and back across the grid to the opposite cone of the starting cone.
  • Repeat sprint forward, running around the top cone and across the grid to the starting point.
  • In simple terms players will run FORWARD, ACROSS, FORWARD, ACROSS.

Get creative and add different rules to the exercise like 5 - 10 knee high jumps, some pushups, players starting laying down on the ground etc...

Young players need lots of different body movements during their development. Soccer is a great sport to do all of that.

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