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Ball control drill for soccer with cones to get the player to maximize touches with the soccer ball as they move through the cone setup.

Perform this ball control soccer drill focusing on technique and short controlled touches on the soccer ball.

Equipment Needed

  • 4 or 5 Cones
  • Soccer Ball
  • Positive Training Attitude


  • Set up a square by placing four cones, 10 - 15 m/yd apart.
  • Take a cone of different color and place the 5th cone in the center of the square.
  • Start this soccer drill by dribbling the soccer ball from cone 1 to and around the center cone 2 (black line).
  • Bring the soccer ball to and around the starting cone, and explode to the square's next cone.
  • Repeat the process all around the square, always dribbling the soccer ball around the center cone, and bringing it back.
  • Move to the next cone in the square.
  • Players can also start as the player in front finishes two cones, so there is no long waiting time.

Keep the soccer ball close to your body and focus on control with every step. Get creative with different turns, rolls, and ball control.

This ball control drill for soccer is excellent when players apply themselves and focus on their touches as they progress from cone to cone. Coaches encouragement is always welcome to push players to perform better, quicker, and past their limiting beliefs.

Use this ball control drill for soccer with any age group U10 and up.

Soccer Training Tips

  • Limit touches to only the right foot.
  • Limit touches to only left foot.
  • Use both feet.
  • Roll the ball across the body.
  • Use gates and toe taps to get through the cones.
  • Turn with the soccer ball using the outside of the foot.
  • Turn with the soccer ball using the inside of the foot.
  • Use the cone set up for quick runs to work on agility and speed.

Lots of touches and lots of cuts will develop better ball control. Keep the soccer ball close, and attempt to control the ball with every step to maximize the contacts on the soccer ball.

Be in control of the ball. Don't let the ball get away from you, so you have to chase it. Soft-close touches to control the ball, don't let the ball control you by chasing it.

I always like to mix up more variations with fewer repetitions. Still, planning the drills for my session, I usually stick with the following.

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