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Soccer Drills with Cones

Soccer drills with cones develop players dribbling by controlling the soccer ball through the cone grid and finishing with a shot on goal.

When I coach players, I have them train with a mix of straight line cones, zig-zag cones, and other creative ways that gets more touches, turns, and close control.

There are two ways of doing this exercise, and the picture below is the option that maximizes touches on the soccer ball.

Soccer Drills with Cones

Soccer Drills with Cones

Player will start this ball control soccer drill by turning his/her back to goal. 

Control the soccer ball through the cones to the end.

Once at the end, turn around the last cone and dribble the soccer ball through the cones again, bringing the ball to the starting point. 

When there are more players than 3 or 4, create another cone line for players to return through and shoot on goal.

Two green cones are there so that the player can pick the left or right side to make space and follow up with a shot on goal to complete one repetition.

Soccer Training Tips:

  • Keep the soccer ball close to your feet, and try to touch the ball with every step. 
  • Focus on technique and control, rather than speed. 
  • Right foot only. 
  • Left foot only. 
  • Both Feet. 
  • Roll the soccer ball, and get creative with controlling the soccer ball around the cones. 


Any soccer drill can be adapted to make your version of the exercise. As long as you put the time and effort, touches will improve.

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