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Passing Soccer Drill


This passing soccer drill will teach players in possession of the ball to keep the soccer ball with the intention of completing some passes in between defenders (split pass) to earn a point. 

Use this soccer training drill with age groups: U10, U12, and older players. 

Objective of this soccer drill is to create a habit of splitting defenders when attacking.

Great soccer drill for any position, with players passing the ball with intent to split the defense.

Splitting the defense is an easy way to take 2 players out of the game for a short period of time.


  • Make a grid 20 m/yd X 15 m/yd.
  • Split up players into 3 teams, 2 players on each team, for each grid.
  • 2 Teams, 4 Players will take a position outside of the grid and 2 players on the same team will start as defenders inside the grid.


  • Two teams on the outside of the grid will work together by attempting to pass the ball through the 2 defenders inside the grid.
  • They should be patient and pass the ball around until an opportunity shows to make a pass that will split the two defending players inside the grid.
  • Defenders will try to intercept the pass to get out of the grid, and switch with 2 players that had their pass intercepted.
  • For every successful pass that splits the defense, one point is awarded to that team.


  • Add a rule for every pass that splits the defenders, they will have to stay and defend one extra turn. This will make them work harder, and closer together, to avoid being split with a pass.
  • Limit touches for the outside players, or have all the players inside the grid, using the same rules.
  • Encourage players to move and open up into empty space, communicating with each other, and making sure that the passes are accurate, with pace on the ball.
  • Add punishment to the teams with least points in the form of sprints, push ups, or sit-ups.

Get creative and have fun. Rules can get complicated with younger players who just want to run around and kick the ball. Little to no structure for players 7 and younger is always best.

Use the best judgment and focus on fun with younger players, hard work with older players 15 and up. 

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