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First Touch Soccer Drill


This first touch soccer drill can be done in practice, or out of practice with friends or parents.

Players will develop better overall touch on the ball, and learn the positive habit of always running toward the pass, instead of waiting for the soccer ball.


  • Two players and a soccer ball are needed for this drill.
  • Place 2 cones, shoes, backpacks or any other marker about 1 meter/yard apart.
  • To start off, players will want to position themselves about 10 meters/yards away from each other or 5 meters/yards away from the cones.


  • Player with the soccer ball will start this drill by making a firm pass on the ground through the cones towards the player on the other side.
  • The player receiving the soccer ball will RUN towards the ball, and use the first touch to pass the ball back through the 2 cones, and start backpedaling 3 - 5 steps back.
  • Player on the opposite side will run towards the ball to make the pass, and back pedal.
  • As the rhythm of the passes becomes consistent, each pass will create more distance between players as they back pedal after every pass still trying to keep the pass inside the cones.
  • If the pass is made outside of the cone channel or a cone is knocked over, players will start the drill over with 10 meters/yards of distance in between them, passing and back pedaling their way back.

Soccer Coaching Tips

  • Player’s main focus needs to be making the first touch pass with the correct technique, body over the soccer ball, ankle locked and toes up.
  • Players will want to use quick feet when pedaling back, instead of long strides. Quick feet mean that players will try to get as many touches on the ground as they are pedaling back after the pass… instead of trying to cover as much distance, and making big steps back.
  • Modify this soccer drill with receiving, or mid air passing. This means that the players will have 2 touches, 1 to receive, and 1 to pass. 
  • Make this soccer drill more difficult, or easier, by reducing or expanding  the passing channel.

Get creative with every soccer drill. First touch soccer drill can be applied using a wall for a teammate.

Train to achieve 10,000 hours of training, playing and having fun with the soccer ball. 

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