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First touch soccer training is a very important part in every soccer players training routine.

First touch soccer drills are a simple way to improve any player’s first touch on the soccer ball through repetition, and constant training.

Doing activities with the soccer ball on a daily basis will greatly improve young players first touch on the soccer ball.

Having a good first touch on the ball will allow the player to get out of small spaces, or trick the defenders with the first touch turn or pass.

This creates more goal scoring chances, and keeps the flow of the game exciting.

Players who do not have a good first touch on the soccer ball will take too many touches trying to bring the ball under control, giving the other team time to organize, and take the ball away.

Learning how to control the soccer ball with the first touch, will lead to creating more space for the players which allows for more time on the ball without pressure.

One of the main soccer exercises any player is able to do individually is simply juggling the soccer ball.

Juggling the ball will improve the players balance and coordination with the ball, as he/she hops on one foot maintaining balance, and controlling the ball with the other foot to keep it in the air.

Juggling helps with footwork, because of the foot and ball coordination required to juggle the ball.

It is one of the simplest ways for players to develop various skills, and have fun with the ball.

Try and beat your maximum number of juggles, my maximum is 1361.

Like any skill in soccer, first touch is developed with consistency, repetition and playing time.

This is a fun and simple game. You do not need loads of equipment. Soccer ball and players can train off the wall, garage, or rebound goal, having a good time with the ball always coming back.

Every soccer drill should be done with both feet.

Encourage players on using their weaker foot.


First Touch Soccer Training

Use this simple first touch soccer training drill to practice control and movement.

Adapt and get creative with this or any soccer drill.

Use the correct technique to control the soccer ball, and pass it back through a different set of cones.

This first touch soccer drill will develop the mental part of the player's game, with the player having to think about where they want to move, and where they want to pass the ball back.


  • Split players into groups of 2, with one soccer ball per group.
  • Set up 4 cones in a straight line with 1 m/yd of space in between them.
  • Players will position themselves on each side of the cones, 10 m/yd away from the cones.


  • Player with the ball will start this drill by passing the soccer ball through one pair of cones, using the correct technique (toes up, ankle locked, firm pass on the ground).
  • Player receiving the soccer ball cannot pass the ball back through the same set of cones. Player will have to take one touch to the left, or right, and pass the ball back through a different set of cones.
  • Players will try to find a rhythm going back and forth without knocking over the cones, or passing through the same set of cones. 
  • Control the ball with the first touch into space, left or right, and pass it back through a different set of cones.


  • Add more cones to make more passing channels and make it more difficult and interesting.
  • Lessen the distance between cones to make this drill more difficult with smaller sized passing channels.
  • Always practice with both feet.  

Get creative and adapt different rules and ideas to make any soccer drill more interesting and faster paced.

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