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Soccer Shooting Tips
Score More Goals!

Soccer Shooting Tips

Soccer Shooting Tips to Score More

Soccer shooting tips for developing positive habits through training and constant repetition. 

  • Always pay attention to surroundings around the 16-yard box, or inside the penalty area.

Knowing where the goal is at any time can yield some surprising goals. Players will be able to take quick shots on goal without looking where the goal is. 

  • Use first touch to set up a second touch shot on goal.

Attacking players are there to score goals. First touch on the soccer ball is crucial in scoring goals for attacking players. Develop the positive habit of thinking ahead and using the first touch to set up an opening for a shot on goal.

  • Inside the penalty box, players job is to score. Players often complicate things inside the box, instead of merely trying to shoot from the very first touch, as quick as possible.

Inside the penalty box, players have the element of surprise and the short distance to the goal. Simply kicking the ball towards the goal will give defending players no time to react, and the goalkeeper no time to position himself. Remember, ugly goals are not pretty, but they count just the same. You don't have to score with every shot you attempt, hit the target (goal), and make the goalkeeper work. Eventually, one of the shots will find the back of the net.

  • The first or second touch shooting from a close range is always encouraged, especially with young players. 

Sometimes there will be a crowd of defenders making it hard to get the shot off with the first or second touch. In these situations, players can use the defenders to their advantage, because they act as a shield to the goalkeeper’s line of vision. Taking the shot doesn’t have to be pretty, look for an opening, and kick the soccer ball towards the goal.

Many deflections happen in soccer, leading to just as many goals scored this way in the game.

Goalkeepers make mistakes, so its best to test them often with shots from various distances. Without shooting, players have no chance of scoring. More shooting leads to more attempts on goal and better opportunities for scoring a goal.

Soccer Shooting Tips and Soccer Drills

Soccer Shooting Drills

Soccer shooting tips continue with a simple soccer training drill. This soccer drill is for individual players wanting to improve their shooting on their own or club teams where players can improve their skills without a long wait in line to shoot.

Players who want to develop and have a passion for the game should take training very seriously. Diet plays a big part in players readiness, but training at 100% effort develops the mentality to play games at the same 100% tempo.


  • Place two cones, each cone at the edge of the penalty box, or 10 - 20 m/yd away from goal (depending on player age and skill level).
  • Goalkeeper will take place in goal, unless you are using small pug goals, then there is no need for a goalie.
  • Split players into two groups, and position them on each side of the goal, behind the goal line.
  • Split up the soccer balls, half on one side, half on the other side. Every player should have a ball.


  • The first player in line will dribble the soccer ball using short quick touches to the cone.
  • The player will turn around the cone and follow up with a shot on goal. Players will use their left or right foot, depending on what side they started the drill.
  • Encourage players to attempt this shooting drill at a game like pace.
  • Once the player takes the shot, he/she will go to the opposite side, and shoot with the opposite foot next.
  • Modify this soccer drill with punishment for every missed shot in the form of sit-ups, pushups, short sprints, etc.
  • Limit kicks to Inside Shots, Outside Shots, or Laces.


  • Modify this drill with players having to do 5-10 knee-highs, pushups, sit-ups, starting from laying position or on their belly or any other activity before dribbling the soccer ball.
  • Instead of players dribbling the soccer ball, have them sprint up and around the cone with the player on the opposite side, or the goalkeeper will serve the pass for a trap and shot, or one-touch shot.

There are many ways this drill can get incorporated into training. 

Get creative, and always remember to work hard. Working hard is one aspect we all have control over. 

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