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Soccer Shooting TIPS for attackers


Here are some soccer shooting tips for attackers that can be useful if developed into a habit through training and constant self reminder.

  • Always pay attention to surroundings around the 16 yard box, or inside the penalty area.

Knowing where the goal is at any time can yield some surprising goals. Players will be able to take shots on goal without looking where the goal is. 

  • Use first touch to try and set up a second touch shot on goal.

Attacking players are there to score goals. First touch on the soccer ball is crucial in scoring goals for attacking players.

Develop the positive habit of thinking ahead and using the first touch to set up an opening for a shot on goal.

  • Inside the penalty box, players job is to score. Players often complicate things inside the box, instead of simply trying to shoot from the very first touch, as quick as possible.

Inside the penalty box, players have the element of surprise and the short distance to goal. Simply kicking the ball towards the goal will give defending players no time to react, and the goalkeeper no time to position himself.

Remember, goals don't have to be pretty to count.

You don't have to score on every shot you attempt, just hit the target (goal), and make the goalkeeper work. Eventually one of the shots will find the back of the net.

  • First or second touch shooting when close to opponents goal needs to be encouraged, especially for younger players.

Sometimes there will be a crowd of defenders making it hard to get the shot off with the first or second touch.

In these situations players can use the defenders to their advantage, because they act as a shield to the goalkeeper’s line of vision.

Taking the shot doesn’t have to be pretty, just look for an opening, and kick the ball towards the goal.

Many deflections happen in the game of soccer, leading to many goals scored this way in the game.

Goalkeepers make mistakes, so its best to test them often with shots from various distances.

Without shooting, players have no chance of scoring. More shooting leads to more attempts on goal, and better chances for scoring a goal.