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How to Control Soccer Ball

How to control soccer ball - Introduction

Being able to control the soccer ball and move as you receive it will come with different soccer ball control drills and small sided games during practice.

Young players (U14) should always spend time during practice in small sided games to help them fully develop their ball control skills and also creativity on the field.

These small sided games should be played on a smaller area for example, a 16 yard box or even smaller with 4vs4 or 5vs5 games.

Futsal is a soccer game that greatly develops the player’s ball control skill.

Futsal makes the game be the coach and players learn how to control soccer ball through a lot of touches on the ball.

I don't know how it is in different parts of the United States, here in Utah there aren’t that many futsal places where young players can develop.

Futsal is a game where players will develop their ball control by playing and having many touches on the ball in different game situations.

European or South American legends like Pele, Ibrahimovic, Maradona, Messi, Ronaldinho, Classic Ronaldo and too many others to name grew up playing street soccer and futsal when they were boys.

These games developed their ball control skills, which transformed their game on the big field to another level, eventually making them able to manipulate and control the soccer ball in ways that seem impossible.

Futsal and Street Soccer are top games for youth players wanting to learn how to control soccer ball effectively, get more creative during games, and become a better dribbler and overall soccer player.

In my opinion players can't develop their ball control skills playing big sided games or even indoor soccer, especially at a young age.

Futsal, Street Soccer and Small Sided games are crucial in learning how to control soccer ball with ease and will also develop many other soccer skills like dribbling, passing, shooting, creativity on the field etc...

Juggling the soccer ball is another very important exercise in learning how to better control a soccer ball. 

Try and develop your ball control skills by juggling the soccer ball and using every part of your body except hands to control the ball as you get better at it.

Players with great ball control skills are usually able to juggle the soccer ball using the inside of the foot, outside of the foot, top of the foot (laces), thighs, head and even shoulders and chest for a longer period of time and 100s of juggles.

Controlling the soccer ball means that the player has the ability to control and trap the soccer ball on the ground or in midair without the ball bouncing off and out of control.

Learning how to control soccer ball effectively develops the player’s sense for better timing of shots or passes.

Ball control is connected to everything in soccer, even players running with the soccer ball slowly or at high pace will use ball control to keep the soccer ball at a good distance and in front of him/her.

Players who are able to control the soccer ball are also able to control the pace and the flow of the game.

These players are going to be much more skilled in dribbling, creativity, passing and shooting.

The only way to learn how to control a soccer ball and make it a habit that comes naturally is through thousands and thousands of touches on the soccer ball.

This can be achieved by simply playing Futsal, Street Soccer, Small sided games during practice and juggling the soccer ball as many times as you can on a daily basis.

Players should always be encouraged to use both feet especially when they are young.

Using both feet will develop the player’s weaker foot and make them twice as effective on the field when they get older.

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