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Soccer Tips for Parents
Soccer Parents Behavior
Practice and Games

Soccer Tips for Parents or Soccer Rules for Parents should play a part in any developing Youth Soccer Player. 

Through encouragement and personal growth parents can play a vital role in childs development as a young soccer player and person.

I decided to write this Soccer Tips for Parents article or more of a soccer parents behavior article on how the parents should behave when it comes to watching their kids play or having any disagreements with the coaches or the referee :)

Kids act and get involved in things that they see their parents doing, so if you would like your child to show passion for playing soccer and actually enjoy his/her time in practice or games a lot more, become a soccer parent and get involved as much as possible in developing your youth soccer player.

Turning off the TV and going out to a park or the backyard and playing soccer with your kids will develop their passion for this sport, because kids mimic what the parents do, and if the parents show interest in playing soccer than the kids will get to love this sport much more.

Even in practice, soccer parents should be involved in the training drills for a great workout and a lot more fun than standing on the sidelines.

Continuing with soccer tips for parents where the coach never includes parents in any of the training exercises during practice, youth soccer parents should bring that up in the next coach/parent meeting and ask to be involved during training sessions.

I'm sure the coach would love some help and it will also make the practice more of a family time out, having fun in the sun and collecting stories to tell later on.

Getting involved in practice does not mean taking away the control from the coach, but instead helping out with different parts of the practice, always encouraging kids to do better.

More soccer tips for parents listed below...

When it comes to game times, parents should not be involved in decision making when it comes to substitutions, formations, starting players etc.

This is what the coach is there for and parents only make a scene if they try to get involved during the games.

Best soccer tip for parents I can give you during game time is for all the soccer parents to sit far away from the coach and the players bench, enjoy the game and cheer for your child from the sidelines.

Soccer parents behavior shouldn't include running on the sidelines and screaming at the ref, or even worse the coach, which can only escalate and bring chaos to what was supposed to be a nice day out watching your kids play soccer.

Soccer/Football is a team game and not all of the kids will get to play the same amount of time or start the match.

This is where most trouble comes from as most soccer parents feel as if their kid should be playing more or in a different soccer position causing parents soccer behavior to become unacceptable when they voice their opinion in front of the players and other parents.

This is for the COACH to decide, even if the coach is wrong, young soccer players will develop discipline and respect for the Coach and the game if the soccer parents behavior is to bring issues up in a more closed environment.

Continuing with more soccer tips for parents when there is a disagreement.

The only way to resolve any disagreement is during a coach / soccer parents meeting where the parents and the coach should decide if their soccer team will be focusing on winning games or just playing recreational soccer letting all the players play the same amount of time.

Soccer parents should keep in mind that soccer is a very competitive sport and that everyone playing it loves to win.

Playing recreational soccer is where every player has around the same amount of playing time making it really hard for that team to be on the winning side very often.

If your child plays on a competitive soccer team where the soccer coach has the sole intention to win, coach will want to use the best players to make the starting team.

This type of coach will want to use fewer subs giving less chance for the other kids to play, after all, soccer is a game where you can only have 10 outfield players at the same time.

Competitive team will ensure that the players practice hard and fight for that starting spot on the soccer team or even being a regular sub during games.

Everyone is happy when the team is winning, even the players that don't get much playing time feel good and will want to practice hard to earn that starting spot.

If your child is one of those players warming the bench most of the games, get involved by encouraging him/her and getting them to train on their own aside from practice.

Going to the park or the backyard and juggling the soccer ball with them is a great way to motivate them to practice on their own.

Juggling the soccer ball is a great way to develop ball skills, but there are other fun activities that will develop your child's soccer skills like passing the ball, making a rebound board or net in the backyard, nothing more fun than kicking the ball and having it return to you to practice trapping and kicking :) 

Best soccer tips for parents continue with organizing a nice day out in the park by getting the numbers from the other soccer parents and involving more kids to more interaction with the soccer ball.

Small sided games 2v2 , 3v3, 4v4 with one of soccer parents in each goal is a great way to help your kids develop the soccer ball skills because they will have to touch the ball a lot more often and try tricks and different skills without pressure in a small sided game.

Soccer parents in goals are not necessary, but it will give that motivation to try and score on an adult :)

When your kid is playing on a competitive team where the coach is playing the same players even in matches that don't mean anything, soccer parents should approach that issue during a coach / soccer parents meeting or during practice in a nice and calm manner.

Definitely NOT in front of the players...

Even competitive soccer team coaches will in most cases play the reserve players in matches that are not of much importance but these matches will allow them to be able to see these reserve players in action, rewarding them for the hard work in practice.

If you would like your kid to play no matter what their skill is, than the best option would be to find a team that does not care much about winning but instead is focused on having fun playing what I call Recreational Soccer.

There are many teams out there that play recreational soccer with the intention to just get the kids together to come out and play, without much emphasis on winning.

In my opinion players should play in a more competitive soccer team because than they will want to improve and earn that spot on the starting squad making them work much harder and also developing the respect for this game as well as a hard work ethic in practice.

My most stressed soccer tip for parents is to get involved in practice, share new ideas with the coach while respecting the coaches decisions when its game time.

Best soccer tips for parents continue with the most important tip that is to avoid the embarrassment of being one of those soccer parents that are running up and down the sideline yelling at the coach about what he/she should do, or even worse, yelling and cursing at the referee.

Remember that the referee cannot see every little foul or a push, so they will make some bad calls during the game, or maybe even a lot of bad calls in some matches lol

Making a scene when they do make some ridiculous call is really uncalled for even if the referee is in the wrong, it can only escalate and ruin everyone's day out.

Let the coaches an the referees do their job and you as a parent should come and watch the game, mingle with the other parents and support your kid :)

Use these soccer tips for parents to show respect for the game and remain calm no matter what, after all its just a game :D

I hope you found this article helpful, please comment below with your feedback.

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