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Knee Trapping in Soccer Video

Knee trapping in soccer is something that should be practiced by young players just so they can develop the touch on the ball when they have the best potential of learning.

Trapping the soccer ball with your knee during a soccer game doesn't happen often but should come naturally to players that practice trapping the soccer ball with their knee.

Knee trapping in soccer is all about the touch on the ball as well as using the right technique as explained in the EPIC SOCCER TRAINING VIDEO below.

Only repetition and training will make players develop knee trapping soccer skill as well as any other soccer trick or skill.

I would like to point out that juggling the soccer ball is perhaps the best way to develop your touch on the ball.

You don't need much space to juggle the soccer ball so its doable in a larger living room or the backyard :)

Juggling the soccer ball over and over again will develop the players touch on the ball and after couple weeks of daily attempting to juggle the soccer ball as many times as possible before it hits the floor, the player can start improving even more by using different parts of the body to keep the soccer ball up.

Juggling with knees, shoulders, head, outside of the foot, inside of the foot, top of the foot and chest is all very doable but to have skills to use all parts of your body when juggling the soccer ball will take time, practice, dedication and repetition :)

Even if the player is unable to juggle the soccer ball more than 5 times before it hits the floor, great way to start juggling for beginners is to let the ball bounce 1 time before kicking it up again.

This will develop the foot/eye coordination and before you know it the player will feel comfortable to juggle the soccer ball without letting it fall on the ground at least 10 times :)

Simply repetition and training using the right technique of doing every soccer skill is the most important in developing skills in soccer such are knee trapping the soccer ball with ease.

Matt Smith, the creator of EPIC SOCCER TRAINING VIDEOS explains the basic fundamentals about trapping a soccer ball with your knee in the video below.

How to trap a soccer ball with your knee??

1. Make your hips and shoulders square with the ball.

2. Lift the receiving leg up slightly off the ground making your knee come up forming a 90 degree angle. 

3. As the flighted ball is about to lend on your knee/thigh simply guide the soccer ball to the upper part of your knee bringing the receiving foot down and slowly extending the leg and cushioning the ball to fall in front of you.

Another great way to use knee trapping in soccer is for volleying the soccer ball.

To perform this soccer skill of volleying the ball after knee trapping the ball, player will need to be comfortable on the ball and able to do at least 50 juggles with the ball :D

This is performed by the player receiving the soccer ball on his/her knee but instead of extending the receiving leg upon impact of the ball, the player will want to raise the foot up higher forcing the knee to follow which will pop the soccer ball up in the air for a nice volley set up :D

Best part of the leg to knee trap a soccer ball is right in the middle area from your knee to the hip :)


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