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How to Kick a Soccer Ball Properly

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How to Kick a Soccer Ball Technique

How to kick a soccer ball the right way?

  • The first step is to look at the target and where you want to kick the ball.

Lock your ankle to kick the ball firm and accurate. Ankle locking will also help reduce impact injuries, coming from defending tackles trying to block the kick.

  • Eyes on the soccer ball as you approach to kick. 
  • Keep your toes down to strike the soccer ball with laces. In contrast, push your toes up to kick the soccer ball with the inside of the foot. 

Pointing toes down, or up, will support locking your ankle, and more importantly, increase pace and accuracy on the ball.

  • Lock your ankle.
  • Keep eye contact on the ball.

Keeping your eyes on the soccer ball when kicking it will ensure body positioning is going over the ball to get the best power and keep the ball down. 

  • Raise opposite arm from the kicking foot to gain balance, and protect from defenders coming in to block the kick.
  • Place the opposite foot to the side of the ball.
  • Follow through with the shot, keeping eye contact with the ball.

Practice and training will develop muscle memory so that the brain can remember these movements on instinct during the games.

Opposite foot positioning and eye contact with the soccer ball are the best method to start developing positive habits for the correct ball kicking technique.

How to Kick a Soccer Ball the Right Way Consistently 

Learning how to kick a soccer ball takes hours of training, and repeatedly kicking the soccer ball using the correct soccer kicking technique.

Spending time practicing how to kick the soccer ball, and incorporating the correct technique for kicking the soccer ball, will impact soccer ball kicking skills later in life. 

Players kick the soccer ball to shoot, pass, or dribble past defenders.  

Not every kick has to be perfect, but developing the habit for using the correct technique when kicking the ball, will improve players kicking skills to strike the ball with power and accuracy, majority of the time. 

Players need to practice, practice and practice some more.

Using the correct soccer kicking technique, and repetition is how you develop consistently kicking the soccer ball firm and accurate. 

Kicking technique does not develop overnight, but with years of practice and repetition to develop the right method.

Once the basics are ingrained into muscle memory, players can learn how to add a curve, power, and other types of kicks. Young players lack patience, so they need guidance towards developing their full potential. 

Time and practice are the most significant factors in gaining the ability to shoot or pass, with pace and pinpoint accuracy.  

Players can work on their kicking skills individually or with friends or family. Find a wall, garage, rebound goal, or something to rebound the ball back. Use the correct soccer kicking technique, kick the ball, and repeat. 

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