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1938 World Cup Soccer / Football

1938 World Cup tournament would be the last World Cup before the cold and bloody World War II and France had the honor of hosting this World Cup.

Due to Europe being on the brink of World War II only 15 teams participated in this France World Cup tournament.

Elimination Knockout style of rules were used for this 1938 Soccer World Cup where winning was the only option, win or go home :)

This 1938 Football World Cup used the rematch rule for tied games as well. If the game ended in a tie, there would be two 15 minute extra time half's. If the game is still tied after the full 120 minutes, rematch is played the next day :)

Uruguay and Argentina did not participate in this World Cup 1938 and this made Brazil the only team representing South America.

1938 Soccer World Cup had 15 participants which gave one team a free pass to the next round, that team was Sweden.

Surprisingly this 1938 World Cup in France ended up being very competitive and fun to watch.

The games during the 1938 Soccer World Cup in France were played more organized and the players possessed more skill and technical ability with the ball which provided fans of this France World Cup with fun and competitive soccer/football to be watched. Many games were decided in extra time or rematches.

The host of this World Cup France was eliminated by Italy, who would retain the title winning their matches and beating Hungary in the final.

Italy also knocked out Brazil in the semifinal, who had the best player and top goalscorer Leonidas sitting on the bench because Brazil Coach wanted to save him for the final. Without their star player Brazil lost against Italy 2:1.

Teams that would participate in this 1938 Soccer World Cup in France were:

Italy, Hungary, Brazil, Sweden, Czechoslovakia, Switzerland, France, Cuba, Romania, Germany, Poland, Norway, Belgium, Netherlands and Dutch East Indies.

1938 World Cup - CHAMPIONS

1938 World Cup Champions: Italy

1938 World Cup Runner Up: Hungary

1938 World Cup 3th place: Brasil

1938 Football World Cup - TOP GOALSCORERS
Leonidas (BRA) 7 goals
Gyula Zsengeller (HUN) 6 goals
Silvio Piola (ITA) 5 goals

1938 Soccer France World Cup - STATISTICS
Number of games 18
Total Goals scored 84
Average goals per game 4,67
Red Cards 4
Own goals 1
Total attendance 483,000
Average attendance 26,833
Final attendance 55,327

1938 Soccer World Cup in France - KNOCKOUT STAGE
Switzerland vs Germany 2-1
Brazil vs Poland 6-5
France vs Belgium 3-1
Czechoslovakia vs Netherlands 3-0
Cuba vs Romania 4-3
Hungary vs Dutch East Indies 6-0
Italy vs Norway 2-1
Cuba vs Romania 2-1
Switzerland vs Germany 4-2

1938 Soccer World Cup in France - QUARTER FINALS
Hungary vs Switzerland 2-0
Brazil vs Czechoslovakia 2-1
Italy vs France 3-1
Sweden vs Cuba 8-0
Brazil vs Czechoslovakia 2-1

1938 Football World Cup in France - SEMIFINALS
Hungary vs Sweden 5-1
Italy vs Brazil 2-1

1938 Soccer World Cup in France - 3th and 4th PLACE
Brasil vs Sweden 4-2

1938 France Soccer World Cup - FINAL
Italy vs Hungary 4-2

As you can see Italy would regain their title during this 1938 World Cup held in France. This Soccer World Cup was the last one before the WORLD WAR 2 and was resumed again in 1950 which is 12 years later.

All of the Italian players retired as champions because of this large gap in the World Cup history caused by Adolf Hittler and Warld War II.

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