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Youth Soccer Passing Drills

Youth Soccer Passing Drills

Youth soccer passing drills are meant to be used to bring out creativity and flair in players. Creativity and flair should always be encouraged in young soccer players.

This soccer passing drill will teach players how to move and pass the soccer ball creatively and effectively.

Players will learn to use the lay off pass, which is useful to set up a shot on goal or give and go situations.

Depending on the young players age and skill level, this passing soccer drill can be applied as a warm up or more serious, fast paced passing and receiving soccer drill.


  • Players will partner up with one soccer ball per team.
  • Line up on the field sideline facing each other with 1 - 5 m/yd of space in between players. This depends on age and skill level of the players.


  • Player with the ball (red player) will start this soccer training drill by passing the ball to his/her teammate (blue player), and following his/her pass forward.
  • Player receiving the ball (blue player) will cushion the soccer ball with the inside of the foot lay off pass, and backpedal to create space between players.
  • Passer (red player) will keep moving forward making one touch passes to his/her teammate, who lays the ball off and backpedals to create space for the pass.
  • Once players reach the opposite sideline, they will switch roles. 
  • Red players will backpedal and lay the passes off, while the passer will become the blue player, passing and moving forward.


  • Players can go at different speeds as the coach yells out Slow, Medium, or Fast.


  • Right Foot Only
  • Left Foot Only
  • Alternating Feet
  • Inside of the Foot
  • Laces

Players can use hands to throw the ball and practice mid air passing and receiving. Same concept with player movement is used, except that players train on:

  • Half Volleys with Inside of the Foot, and Laces
  • Heading
  • Chest Receiving and Passing
  • Thigh Receiving and Passing

Get creative and make up some fun games as the players go. Involve jumping, running around the player, switching teammate, pushups, situps, air headers etc...

Adding punishment for inaccurate passes is another option to motivate players.

Possibilities are endless. Having fun is a requirement. 

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