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Long Passing Soccer Drills


Long passing soccer drills are fun and beneficial to players of all skills. These types of passes happen often in the game as players shift the point of attack from one side to the other, or during the counter attack situations where the long pass can end with a goal.

This soccer training activity can be done in a club training, or with friends, or family members to pass the soccer ball around with.

When setting up this soccer drill for a team training session you will want to take following steps.


  • Instruct the players to find a partner, or partner them up yourself, with one soccer ball.
  • Place cones 20 - 30 m/yd apart, and position players at the cones... or simply tell players to take position on the field with about 25 m/yd of space in between them, if you don't want to use cones.
  • If the players are struggling making long passes, shorten the distance where the passing in the air will be comfortable for the players.
  • Upon successful long pass, receive the soccer ball, and take the ball to the right, or left, using the first touch. Use the second touch to pass the ball back for the opposite player to do the same.
  • For players who want to train individually on their skills, find a friend and follow the same directions. 


  • Players should use the correct technique for passing, and receiving the soccer ball. 
  • Take time to explain the correct way to pass the soccer ball in the air, and trap the ball by bringing it under control with the first touch.
  • Encourage players to stay on their toes, to improve reaction time and concentration.
  • Receiving the soccer ball in a stationary position makes you an easy target for the opposite defenders. Fix this problem by making it a habit to lift your head up, and know your surroundings every time you receive a soccer ball, and move with the ball into empty space and away from the defenders.

Get creative and train consistently. Repetition is the key to developing different skills in soccer.

When it comes to passing, players should always attempt to make firm contact with the ball. Long distance passing requires leg strength to be able to kick the ball far away.

Young players should concentrate on comfortable distance to kick the ball across. Strength comes with age and playing time. 

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