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Soccer Drills for Passing

Soccer Drills for Passing

Soccer Drills for Passing and Receiving

Soccer drills for passing are very important in every players early development. After all, passing is the most basic skill in the game of soccer.

This youth soccer training drill is a great way to work on a little conditioning, with passing and receiving the ball towards a great workout.

This soccer drill will allow one player to receive multiple passes in the span of 1-2 min.

Players will have to REALLY CONCENTRATE on receiving and passing the soccer ball.


  • Make a square with 4 cones, and 10 m/yd of space in between cones.
  • Split the players up into groups of 5, and instruct 4 of them to take position at each cone.
  • 5th player will start in the center of the square.
  • Every player standing by the cone should have a soccer ball.
  • To start this drill, player in the center will sprint towards one of the players on the cones.
  • The player on the cone will pass the ball to the center player who will trap the soccer ball with a touch left of right, and pass the soccer ball back, using the correct passing technique. 
  • Player will turn and sprint towards another teammate at the cone, looking for another pass.
  • Repeat for 1 - 2 min, than rotate players inside the square. 


  • Player in the center will have to work at 80-100% pace so that the 1-2 minute drill can effect conditioning as well. 
  • Make sure that the players are using the correct passing, and trapping technique. 
  • All the players are on their toes, and waiting to pass the soccer ball. 
  • Player in the center performing the drill is trapping the soccer ball, and moving with it to the right or left, before passing it back
  • The center player will want to use explosive first few steps when turning, and sprinting towards the next pass.
  • Get creative with air balls, or giving players numbers 1 - 4 so that the center player will have to listen to the Coach as to where the pass is coming from. 

This is a great soccer drill for young players to keep moving and learning how to pass the soccer ball with pace and accuracy.

Encourage players to slow down if the touches and passes look sloppy when done.

Get creative and make your own rules. 

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