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Receiving the soccer ball is one of the basic soccer skills that the players need to learn.

Soccer drills and playing with the soccer ball will help players develop trapping of the ball, and control of its movement effortlessly.

Players who struggle with receiving the ball will usually let the ball bounce off the foot making the player chase the ball, and risk loosing the possession.

Soccer ball can be trapped with the inside of the foot, outside of the foot, thigh, chest or head.

Trapping the soccer ball is simply cushioning the impact of the ball by moving that part of the body back, and/or to one side at the time when the soccer ball is about to make contact with that part of the body.

There is no real science to it, but simple repetition of various soccer drills for youth ball control.

Trapping the soccer ball with total control takes a lot of time touching the soccer ball, and getting the feel for it through repetitive soccer drills, or just playing with the ball.

Soccer drills for receiving the ball can be done in team practice, or can be done on your own.

Player is building a relationship with the ball anytime he/she decides to grab a ball, and go play with friends, on your own, or in an organized team training session.

Most important part in doing any soccer drills for youth, is the constant presence of thought to concentrate, and attempt to control the soccer ball on the first touch, moving it in the direction you want to go.

Constantly playing soccer, or training with an organized team, will develop the players feel for the ball over time.

Players are doing soccer trapping drills without even knowing it, because trapping is done every time a soccer ball is coming to us.

It is the concentration, and the right body form, that is missing for many young players, so the ball bounces off the foot, knee, chest, head...

Soccer trapping is one of the basic skills of soccer used regularly throughout the match.

Players will always want to trap the soccer ball with control, knowing where the ball will go after the first touch, setting the ball up for a pass, shot or changing direction with the ball.

Whenever receiving the soccer ball, players will want to concentrate on controlling the soccer ball, and making the ball go where the player wants it to go on that first crucial touch.

One of the most important parts in every players game is learning to trap, or receive the soccer ball on turn, or  cut at the same time.

Encourage players to always try to receive the soccer ball with an idea of where to move with the first touch.

Doing this will make possession of the ball better, and unpredictable to the opponent.

Trapping the soccer ball in one spot increases the chance of opponent running in from behind, and cutting off the pass. Defender also has time to put instant pressure.

Whenever players receive the ball, they should protect the space around them with arms up at shoulder height.

Know your surroundings, stay concentrated until it becomes second nature, and the ball sticks to your feet with command at will.

Most importantly, always run towards the ball, never wait for the ball to get to your feet. After passing the ball, never stand, but always move after the pass into empty space to provide an option for a back pass.

Receiving the Soccer Ball
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