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U12 Soccer Passing Drills

U12 Soccer Passing Drills

U12 Soccer Passing Drills

U12 Soccer passing drills can be used with any age soccer player by modifying this passing drill towards more difficult or easier training depending on the age and skill level.

Young soccer players U12 and under are full of energy and this is a fun soccer drill as it keeps the players busy with passing and moving after every pass.

Players will want to use clean touches on the ball, slowing the pace down if the drill looks too sloppy.

Nice firm passing of the ball. Players should stay on their toes throughout the training exercise.


  • 2 Players, 1 Soccer Ball
  • Place 2 cones 10 - 20 m/yd apart, with each player standing at the cone.
  • Player with the ball starts 3 - 4 passes back and forth, after which the players will switch positions.
  • Player who started passing the ball runs across, and around the cone without the ball. Player who started without the ball, will dribble the ball across, and around the cone, becoming the passer.
  • Players need to find a rhythm in making passes, and switching places.


  • Modify the soccer drill with more distance between players, or movement with the ball. Players can move around the field passing the ball back and forth, and changing positions with overlap runs behind the back.
  • Encourage players to use both feet, left and right.
  • Passes on the ball need to be done using the correct technique to make the passes firm and precise.
  • Toes up, Ankle Locked, Firm Contact with the Inside of the Foot.
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