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U10 Soccer Drills to Improve Coordination,
and Ball Handling Skills.

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U10 soccer drills need to include lots of touches on the soccer ball, with different parts of the foot, and direction change with the ball.

When coaching youth soccer players, I always encourage players creativity and flair while the players focus on my exercise, allowing them to add different touches, rolls or turns on their own.

The ball rarely stops, and there are constant touches applied, and encouraged by myself, the coach.

All U10 soccer drills are focused on keeping the ball close, within half a m/yd of the player, so that he/she will form a habit to control the soccer ball with multiple touches and close to his/her feet, opposed to heavy touches; where the ball is exposed to defenders.


Over time, close touches develop into control and ball manipulation for players to use and increase the time they get on the ball.

Time allows players to see empty space, other teammates on the field, and make better decisions in the game. After all, it is a very fast paced game...

Once a player feels comfortable with the soccer ball, they will use their first touch to move with the ball, and expose empty space on the field; or make a different decision to better impact the game.

This soccer training guide will keep you, or your team occupied for 60 - 90 minutes, getting 1000's of touches on the ball, and building a relationship with the soccer ball. 

U10 Soccer Drills with the Ball and Stopwatch

u10 soccer drills, soccer drills for u10, u12 soccer drills, u8 soccer drills, ball control soccer

After 5 - 10 minutes of juggling the soccer ball, move into getting more familiar with the soccer ball through 1000's of touches and different parts of the foot.

  • Inside/Outside Right Foot X 60 - 90 sec
  • Inside/Outside Left Foot X 60 - 90 sec
  • Inside/Outside Alternating Feet X 60 - 90 sec

Take water breaks as needed, but work hard and REALLY CONCENTRATE on the touches and contact with the ball.

  • Tap Tap Roll or Toe Touches with a Roll x 60 - 90 sec. Right Toe Touch, Left Toe Touch, Right Roll Across Body... Continue with Left Toe Touch, Right Toe Touch, Left Roll Across Body. Try to find a rhythm and do it continuously without stopping.
  • Triangles x 60 - 90 sec. Pull the ball back with the sole of the right foot, and pass it with the inside of the same foot behind the heel of the standing foot. Continue with the left foot. 
  • Gates with a Roll x 60 - 90 sec. Touch the soccer ball with the inside of both feet and add a roll across body every 3th or 5th touch on the ball.

After you have finished 1 or 2 repetitions, take 2 minutes to express yourself with the soccer ball. Dribble the ball and get creative with your touches; try different skills and tricks with the ball.


Soccer Training Tips:

  • When doing the Inside/Outside Touches move the soccer ball in a zig zag motion, across your body, rather than kicking the ball forward. Get creative and add another move like rolling the ball, stepover, scissor or any other soccer move.
  • Stay on your toes. Its a great habit to create, as it makes you lighter and faster on your feet as you get older and heavier.
  • Quick touches on the ball for faster ball movement.
  • Beginner players SLOOOOOW DOOOOWN to learn the technique; speed will come after.
  • NO WALKING. Super slow jog to stay on your toes for faster reaction.

U10 Soccer Drills
Develop Control with the Ball

u10 soccer drills, soccer drills for u10, u12 soccer drills, u8 soccer drills, ball control soccer
  • Set up 9 cones in an M shape as seen in the picture above.
  • Space cones 10 m/yd from bottom to top cone and 1 m/yd, or less for the inside cones.
  • Dribble the soccer ball from the starting cone, around each cone, moving with the soccer ball through all the cones.
  • Use the 10 m/yd space to get as many touches on the ball as you can, or add 1 or 2 dribble moves. Keep the ball close, don't just kick it forward.  
  • (Optional) Finish with a pass or shot on goal, after dribbling the ball around the last cone.


  • Right foot only
  • Left foot only
  • Alternate feet
  • Roll across body
  • Juggle the ball across, and around cones.

Soccer Coaching Tips:

  • Use quick, short touches when dribbling the soccer ball. Keep the ball close.
  • Make tight turns around the cones.
  • Really Concentrate on your touches; every step should be a touch on the ball.

U10 Soccer Drills with Forward and Backwards Dribbling

u10 soccer drills, soccer drills for u10, u12 soccer drills, u8 soccer drills, ball control soccer
  • Set up 8 cones into 3 small squares next to each other, 3 m/yd x 3 m/yd apart.
  • This should create channels through which the player will move with the soccer ball.
  • At the end, player can take a shot on goal, or bring the ball back through the channels once again to the starting point.

This cone set up can be used for many different variations of ball control.

  • Gates forward, around the front cone, and than gates backwards to the back cone, repeat...
  • Toe taps forward, around the front cone, and toe taps backwards dragging the ball back to the cone, repeat...
  • Rolls across body with the right foot forward, bring it back with rolls across body with the left foot back...
  • Short touches with the right foot only.
  • Short touches with the left foot only.
  • Free touches.
  • GET CREATIVE and simply don't let the ball stop. MORE touches for BETTER control.

U10 Soccer Drills for Trapping the Soccer Ball

u10 soccer drills, soccer drills for u10, u12 soccer drills, u8 soccer drills, ball control soccer

This soccer exercise is going to help players build coordination on the ball, and first touch to turn into space with the ball coming from the air.

  • Set up 4 cones into a square 10 m/yd X 10 m/yd apart.
  • Player will start in the center of the square.
  • Throw, or kick the soccer ball in the air.
  • Trap the ball using a specific part of the foot, or thigh, with the intention to keep the ball close. 
  • Use the cones around the square to trap the ball with the first touch towards one of the cones, dribbling the ball around that cone and bringing it back to the center of the square.

Soccer Training Variations:

  • Toe Trap Right Foot X 10 Reps
  • Toe Trap Left Foot X 10 Reps
  • Inside Right Trap X 10 Reps
  • Inside Left Trap X 10 Reps
  • Outside Right Trap X 10 Reps
  • Outside Left Trap X 10 Reps
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