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England soccer history is old, very old.

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beginning years in England soccer history

England soccer history can be tracked back to Norfolk, 1324, where a young man got hurt during a "game as he kicked the ball".

English soccer first started as an organized game through the public schools in England.

Schools came up with their own set of rules to follow, playing the game with different rules set prior to games, during the early years of soccer in England.

First mention of organized soccer was in 1848, when public schools came together and set basic soccer rules for all teams to follow.

Seeing how soccer was rapidly increasing in popularity during the 18th Century, a set of rules was needed in order to keep the game organized and under control for all teams.

Henry de Winton and John Charles Thring published the first set of rules to keep the game organized, entertaining and under control.

Both of them were from Cambridge University so it was not a surprise that these rules became known as "Cambridge Rules".

Cambridge Rules were later used as the foundation to write the Laws of the Game that are considered the Constitution of soccer and are still used today with minor modifications.

Cambridge Rules are a big part of soccer history and the game played in the world today.

One of the most important years in the history of English soccer was 1863, when representatives from different clubs gathered together in a Freemason's Tavern, London and actually established the Laws of the Game. 

These are the same Laws of the Game that are used today and are considered the constitution of soccer around the world.

Over time there have been some modifications to these rules, however the Laws of the Game written then, are still the foundation of all soccer rules we have today.

First soccer league in England was established in 1988, by William McGregor, Aston Villa director.

This league was the foundation for other leagues that formed in a pyramid style competition; with upper and lower division teams, and relegation or promotion system of competition.

Another important year in the history of English soccer is 1992, when the English Premier League was first formed, made up of all the top teams in England. 

Lower Divisions in the English Premier League made English soccer league very competitive, by use of relegation and promotion system.

English soccer history is very important to the soccer we have today.

This is where soccer grew its roots, first leagues formed, first set of rules written and than the rest of the world followed.

England has also been a very tough opponent to beat on the national level, and holds one World Cup title earned in 1966.

Although England National Squad is always rated highly, history of English soccer results show England tending to present a tough opponent but disappoints when it comes to Winning Titles.

For more detailed England Soccer History visit Complete History of English Football.

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