Who Invented Soccer

Who invented soccer?

Where did soccer originate and where was it that the first soccer ball was kicked with purpose and played with as much competition?

Nobody can be too sure about where the soccer ball was kicked first but there are many countries and empires throughout history that played similar games to the soccer we know today so the question to where soccer originated is really unknown.

Modern day game of soccer originates from England but competitive games similar to soccer are said to have been played back in China with the game called Cuju.

History about soccer goes back to the second century B.C. in China where a game similar to soccer was played with a ball made out of leather and the points were scored by kicking this ball through a hole hung between two poles.

This is as close as we can get to knowing the real answer on the question, where did soccer originate?

My soccer origin research also shows that during the middle ages soccer teams were formed by players belonging to the same villages, schools or families and some people believe that this answers the question on who invented soccer as during middle ages soccer had started to form into what it is today, being played by regular people that made teams with friends from the same village, schools or families.

Today's soccer is played by teams from cities/villages and schools so it has a little resemblance to middle ages soccer origin.

So where did soccer originate as a first organized game?
Schools were the first organized teams that played against other schools with some set of rules decided by both school teams.

History about soccer shows that soccer matches played during middle ages had no soccer rules to keep the game under control which resulted in games ending violently most of the time.

Back than games were played with as many players as teams could gather. Try and picture two villages playing against each other with no limit as to how many players can participate.

If you pictured chaos, blood, broken bones and more chaos than you pictured it right lol


History about soccer shows this game getting so violent in England during the middle ages that it was actually banned in 1315 by Nicholas de Farndone, London Mayor at the time.

Where did soccer originate as a modern game question is answered with the first "Laws for the Game" which were written in 1863 at a Freemason's Tavern, located in London. This brought order and regulations to the great game we have today.

Who invented soccer as a modern game?

Where did soccer originate as a modern game?
Freemason's Tavern located in London, England

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