SOCCER Training, Drills, Tips and Information

Soccer training is very important for this healthy, fun, competitive, physically demanding; and at times heated type of sport.

Tempers can run high, and friends may become enemies during the match, due to the competitive spirit of the game.

When its all set and done, there can only be ONE WINNER, earning the bragging rights along with the victory.

Professional soccer is followed by Millions of people around the world, with much passion and conviction, that in some parts of the world this sport is considered a religion. 

Winning is the ultimate goal in the game.

Professional soccer athletes live a luxurious life, with players earning millions of dollars for their skills with the ball and the commitment to perform.

Their overpaid salary comes with a commitment to daily training and games. These players represent the club and commit to abide by the clubs rules.

Players are REQUIRED to spend every day in training, developing their skills further and further, with 2 to 3 soccer training times a day.

Younger soccer players should want to play soccer as often as possible. Soccer is not a chore, but a way to get away from everything and have some fun kicking the ball around with friends. 

Eventually, that fun may turn into passion and may lead to a fat paycheck.

Players below 12 years old should not have to deal with the pressure for winning games, not yet.

Their focus should to be on having fun playing soccer, being creative, learning from the game and applying simple technical skills learned through training. 

Having fun, training hard and working on the technical part of the game (how to properly do different soccer skills), is best for developing younger soccer players.

As players get older, and winning becomes more important, positive habits and skills repeated early in a players career will come out to play and win games.

Game itself is a great Coach for players to use.

In order to fully utilize the Game as a Coach, players need to simply play more soccer with friends, teammates, rebound goal, or the wall.

It takes years, and thousands of hours of soccer training and playing; repeating different soccer skills through various soccer drills, over and over again, to become a great soccer player.

Training amount of time, quality of the training, and playing the game are the biggest factors in players development, especially at a young age.

Talent alone can only take players so far, hard work and dedication to train, play, and keep improving, is the map to becoming a great soccer player.

Ronaldo, Messi, Pele, Zidane, Maradona and all other soccer players worth mentioning have spent countless hours perfecting their soccer skills, especially when they were younger.

Some of them are still playing, and improving with age. Their improvement now, at a later stage in life is more mental, in the sense of reading the fast paced game as if it was slowed down.

Time, Passion and Effort are the key elements to improving skills in any sport.

Young players need to play more soccer, instead of typical 2 training sessions per week, with the game on the weekends.

Players need to spend time with the soccer ball every day, if they want to develop great soccer skills.

There are several simple, but very important fundamentals of soccer.

Young players, who miss out on the basic soccer fundamentals during their early years, will not be playing to their full potential as they get older.

important soccer fundamentals are developed through more soccer training, and different games.

  • Proper running with, or without the ball.
  • Simple dribbling moves to get out of tight spaces.
  • First touch on the soccer ball is crucial for youth development.
  • Passing with pace, and into teammates path.
  • Receiving the ball on the ground, or in the air.
  • Shielding the soccer ball from opponent.
  • Shooting and Passing with different parts of the foot.Decision making.


soccer shooting/attacking drills

  • Soccer Shooting Drills will help players develop their kicks on the soccer ball. There are different kinds of shooting techniques in soccer. Knowing the right way to kick the ball is crucial to firm and precise shooting.
  • Soccer Shooting Tips to learn the proper shooting technique and positive habits for shooting the soccer ball.
  • Fun Soccer Drills using games with attacking drills through crossing, or shooting.

soccer passing drills

  • Soccer Passing Drills are focused on repetitive passing of the ball, while the player uses the right technique in locking his/her ankle, and making firm contact on the ball.
  • Soccer Passing Tips and Technique for passing the soccer ball with pace and accuracy.
  • Four Squares passing soccer drill.
  • Possession Game for improving passing soccer skills.
  • Back Pedal for lots of passes and movement.
  • Small Sided Games to apply in training and help with young soccer players development passing, quick thinking, dribbling, creativity and decision making.
  • Soccer Practice Drills to help players learn how to move the soccer ball wide, and attack from crosses, and wide areas of the field.
  • Soccer Passing and Receiving Drills to help players get more comfortable on the soccer ball. Players will learn to receive the ball, and move after the pass is complete. 

soccer ball control drills

  • Ball Control Soccer Drills to help players get more familiar with the surface of the ball.
  • Soccer Training Drills to improve players ball control skills. Getting familiar with the soccer ball takes time, consistency and effort.
  • U10 Soccer Training Drills to improve ball handling skills, agility, coordination, and speed.
  • Soccer Drills for Beginner soccer players U8 and U6. These soccer drills can also be adapted to older kids by changing the pace, and adding few skills.
  • Small Sided Games to teach youth soccer players how to play soccer through the game being the Coach. Players will fall in love with the game from simply playing soccer.
  • This Soccer Drill is many kids favorite soccer training drill in practice. The game is the Coach, while players enjoy competitive side of soccer in smaller spaces.
  • First Touch Soccer Drills to help young players work on their passing, receiving, and moving. Smart players, with great ball control, will use their first touch to get out of tight situations, and surrounding defenders.


  • Agility Ladder Drills, also called Speed Ladder Drills, are very important for soccer players to develop agility, and speed.
  • Soccer Agility Drills are used to improve players balance, footwork, and coordination. Change of direction is frequent throughout the game, so being agile, and able to quickly change direction is really important.
  • Soccer Conditioning Drills will build up the players endurance for the WHOLE game. Players usually frown on these soccer drills, as they push them to exhaustion point; but prepare them for the game. Fit player is twice as valuable for any team in a match.
  • Speed Training Drills will push players to build up their explosive speed, tight cornering, and the ability to speed up, and slow down their pace. These drills will build up the players endurance, and shorten the recovery after sprints.