Soccer Training, Drills and Tips

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Soccer is my passion, therefore I am Soccer Maniak!

My first Club Team was called FK Zeljeznicar and their fans or supporters were called Maniak's.

I love this game.

Since childhood days, once the whistle is blown, nothing else but the game matters.

With age I started to enjoy the game more and more. Out on the field I don't worry about anything but winning the game and having fun.

No bills, no job, no worries on my mind, just the Competitive person in me wanting to win.

I started my soccer journey on a club level when I was 7 years old. I learned discipline and various soccer skills through soccer training and various soccer drills at my club. 

Streets are where I fell in love with the game.

My sister tells me that she cant remember me without the soccer ball at my feet; and she is 8 years older than me lol

Playing soccer is my passion, and I have learned about the game through years of soccer training with various clubs, watching games live and on TV, reading about the game from various books and articles that I could find, newspapers etc...

I have scored goals, defended goals and played in every position on the field, except the goalie.

I am still learning, and I will keep learning about this game for the rest of my life.

SoccerManiak website is my way of sharing my old and new knowledge about soccer with everyone that finds their way to my website.

I will cover the most basic rules first, than I will focus on different parts of the game like HOW TO PLAY SOCCER, SOCCER HISTORY, DRILLS, RULES OF SOCCER, FAMOUS SOCCER PLAYERS, SOCCER NUTRITION and other aspects of this beautiful game.

Soccer is a very very simple game.

Playing simple passing soccer is the best way to play this game, however simple soccer is also the hardest to play.

This is a game where you keep learning, day after day, week after week, year after year and eventually until you die.