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Atkins Diet and Soccer
Why ATKINS DIET is not good for soccer players

Atkins Diet and Soccer - Introduction

Hello and welcome to my soccer article about Atkins Diet and its effect on soccer player's performance.

Atkins diet is a nutritional plan that focuses on eliminating carbohydrates and fueling the body with protein which is exactly the opposite of what a soccer player athlete needs.

Soccer players performance on the field will suffer greatly using the Atkins Diet as a fuel for soccer players body because carbohydrates is the premium fuel for soccer players.

Before every practice and game soccer players should fill their bodies with plenty of carbohydrates to ensure best performance on the field, especially the second half of the game.

Not fueling our body with proper amount of carbs will greatly impact our game on the field due to quick fatigue setting in and throwing our whole game off.

With fatigue come mistakes on the field and our brain not being able to receive the proper amount of oxygen so our concentration suffers a great deal.

Consuming the Atkins Diet can and will greatly impact the performance on the field for any soccer player.

Atkins diet and soccer do not go well together as Atkins Diet mainly focuses on loosing weight rather than fueling our body for the exhausting and very physically demanding game of soccer.

Low carbohydrate diet for athletes such is the Atkins Diet mainly focuses on eliminating carbohydrates and focusing on intake of a lot of protein.

Nutrition for soccer players is totally the opposite as we should focus on a good soccer diet containing at least 40% carbohydrates, 30% of protein and 30% of fat.

This means that the main food source for soccer players should include carbohydrates which can be found in pasta, potato and rice just to name a few.

Protein is also important for soccer players diet and should be consumed along with the carbohydrates because protein will help players muscles recover faster while playing this high tempo game of soccer.

Protein can be found in foods such are red meat, chicken and fish just to name a few.

Fat is the last source of soccer players diet as it not necessarily helps on the field but is rather used to keep the players healthy because fat helps to build a better immune system defense, protecting the soccer players from diseases and helping the players stay healthy.

Atkins diet and soccer players diet should not be mistaken because the Atkins Diet can be a very good diet for people that are trying to shed the excess pounds off while it will effect soccer players performance on the field greatly.

Good diet for soccer players should focus primarily on eating plenty of carbs while the Atkins Diet main goal is to focus on eating plenty of protein while eliminating the carbohydrates as much as possible.

Carbohydrates for soccer athletes diet is like a premium fuel for cars.

Eating a lot of carbohydrates will produce a chemical called glycogen that is stored in our muscles and liver.

Glycogen is used as instant fuel and burns quickly in our body providing us with energy to keep going through the whole 90 minutes of the game or practice.

If you would like to increase your performance on the soccer field, than you should definitely avoid the Atkins Diet.

Instead, focus on the opposite of what Atkins Diet does, which is not eliminating carbs but instead eating plenty of foods that are rich in carbohydrates.

In other words, if you would like to increase your soccer performance on the field you should definitely avoid Atkins Diet in soccer.

I hope you have a better understanding on why Atkins Diet and soccer players diet are not such a good match.

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