Soccer Passing technique


Soccer passing technique is important for players to be able to pass the soccer ball firm and precise.

Young soccer players need to be encouraged to kick the ball with pace as they usually go for the soft passing during training sessions.

Passes that are firm and precise are also easier to control for the player receiving the soccer ball.

When the pass has pace, receiving player has the advantage to quickly settle the ball or use the first touch to move with the ball quickly.

Here is what the player needs to know, think about, and turn into a habit when passing the soccer ball.

  • Eyes on the target, and where you want to pass the ball.
  • Eyes on the ball, as you approach to pass. 
  • Toes Down for laces strike, and Toes Up for inside foot strike.
  • Lock your ankle.
  • Keep eye contact on the ball.
  • Raise opposite arm from kicking foot to gain balance, and protect from defenders wanting to block the pass.
  • Place the opposite foot next to the ball.
  • Follow through with the pass, keeping eye contact on the ball.

Soccer passing is an art, and it takes years of training to hone different passing techniques in soccer.

If you watch soccer, and have an understanding of the game, you must realize that soccer passing wins matches, and makes the game more interesting to watch.

Passing soccer technique does not developed overnight, but with years of training, and honing the soccer passing skills through repetition in training and games.

Different positions on the field require different passing skills, but every player should have an understanding of how to pass the soccer ball firm and accurate; ground, or in the air.


Midfield players will use different passing techniques on the field, to create plays, and scoring opportunities for their teammates.

Every midfield player should be encouraged to be creative and take some calculated risks with their passes. Midfield players need confidence to trust their instincts with passes during the game.

Think about it, how many goals would the forwards score without the creative and accurate passes from the midfield players. Goals are usually assisted by the midfield players.

Players like Xavi, Iniesta, Beckham, Riqueilme, Zidane, Pirlo, and many others, are the reason for their forwards scoring many goals.

soccer passing for defenders

Defending soccer players use passing to get out of dangerous spaces and move the soccer ball from defense into attack.

Defenders stop the attack, and should not take risks with passing, instead they should pass the soccer ball quickly, and safely.

One mistake from a defending player could turn into a goal scoring opportunity for the opposite team.

Defenders are the last line of defense most of the time, so if the pass isn't a safe option, defender should not be ashamed to kick the ball out of play, or just clear it up the field, and out of danger.


Forwards use soccer passing skills to hold the game of play, and create chances for other players in attack.

Forward players score goals, but they have to be able to pass the soccer ball accurately, and in many cases back to their midfield teammates or the wide players.

Forwards can use a very effective soccer passing technique called give and go.

This is a one two touch passing technique, where the forward passes the ball, and continues running to get the pass back.

Give and go pass is one of the most effective ways for a player to escape the defender, and get an opportunity to score a goal.

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