how to play soccer game

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how to play soccer game for fun or competition

You may be wondering how to play soccer game for fun, or train to play more competitive soccer.

Playing soccer comes naturally to some kids, while others have difficulty with coordination, or simply start playing later in life.

Some kids grow up around this game, and start kicking the ball around, learning different soccer moves and tricks at a very early age, while other kids grow up in surroundings where soccer isn't very popular, or played much.

Players need to spend a lot of time in training, developing skills, moves, vision, and mentality over the years.  This is why soccer playing days should start at a very early age.

Brazilian kids are given a soccer ball as soon as they learn how to walk, so it’s no surprise that Brazil is such a powerful country in soccer, with so many skilled players coming through the Brazil Cities.

The younger the player, the easier it will be for them to learn how to control, kick, head, pass or learn any soccer move, or trick. Passion for soccer comes from playing around with the ball, be it backyard, school yard, park, or basement.

Its human nature to have more talented, and less talented players. Talent alone is nothing, because less talented players who are persistent with soccer training, and playing the game constantly, will EARN great soccer skills with the ball.

There are too many failed talents in soccer, and other sports. Many professional soccer players were not the most talented, but the ones most persistent in working hard, and training more to get to where they are.

Playing with the soccer ball constantly, for fun, will allow the game to teach players various skills with the ball. 

learning how to play soccer game for fun

how to play soccer game, learning how to play soccer, how do you play soccer, soccer beginners

Learning to play soccer is easy, get the soccer ball, and start kicking it around.

Find some friends, and get a pick up game going.

Let the game be the teacher.

Talent is only 50% of any soccer player’s game; everything else develops with playing, training, dedication, and constant repetition.

Biggest factor in learning how to play soccer, and getting very good at this game, is soccer training.

It takes 2 years to learn something, another 2 years to get better at it, and another 4 years to truly master it. Same goes for learning how to play soccer.

Once a player shows passion for the sport, and interest to practicing and playing this game, learning how to play soccer is just a start, continuing to learn different soccer moves and skills in the game will need positive encouragement, and guidance.

Soccer is a very fast paced game, and is played on instinct and muscle memory, without much time to think about our decisions, and what to do when the ball gets to us.

Kick the ball 1000 times every day, to develop better relationship with the ball.