Warm Up Soccer tips and drills

Warm up soccer exercises for a more intense soccer training, or game.

These soccer warm up drills will make sure that the players break a sweat, and prepare for game or training.

While warming up the players muscles and body, these exercises also help with the players ball control, agility, and coordination.

Always start the warm up with a 5 min jog, and some dynamic stretching (but kicks, kareoke, lounges, hamstring pulls etc...)

warm up soccer exercise with the ball

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This pre game warm up soccer drill is great for the player’s technical skills and agility, while at the same time warming up the body’s core temperature.

This drill should be done at a game like pace with the players focusing on the correct technique at higher speeds… if the players start making mistakes, SLOW the pace down.

This soccer drill can end up looking sloppy,  SLOW DOWN the PACE to an acceptable speed where the drills are performed fluently like clockwork.


  • Create a grid that has 2 cones about 20 meters/yards apart.
  • Place the 3rd cone right in the center of these 2 cones at a slight angle outside… this will also be the starting point for players.
  • Next, take 5 – 7 cones and place them in a straight line about 1 meter/yard apart as seen in the picture (about 10 meters/yards from the players starting point).
  • Instruct players to pick up a soccer ball and get behind the starting cone.


  • Coach will always want to demonstrate any soccer drill, especially when doing the drill for the first time.
  • First player in line will start dribbling the soccer ball up and around the cone, coming back to 5 – 7 cone line.
  • Keeping control of the soccer ball, player will want to dribble the ball in a zig zag motion through these 5 - 7 cones.
  • Finish the drill by dribbling the soccer ball all the way around the last cone, and bringing the ball to the back of the line.

This soccer drill can also be done without the soccer ball.

  • When there is no soccer ball, players will run to the first cone and around it at a 50% pace, than the 5 – 7 cone line can be used to perform an activity like High Knees, Side Stepping, Zig Zag Run, Butt Kicks, Karaoke, Quick Feet, Accelerated Run, Knee to Chest Jumps etc...
  • Once done with the activity, players will finish with an explosive 100% run to the last cone and around it to the back of the line.


  • Next player in line should start this drill as soon as the player in front of him/her reaches the 5 – 7 cone line.
  • Have players use only their weaker foot to control the soccer ball.
  • Instead of having the players simply dribble the ball around the first and last cone, have them be free to use any move to dribble past the cone… having a coach or parent standing instead of the two cones is a great way to motivate players to get creative in order to get around them.

soccer warm up with tag team snake

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This warm up drill is a great way to teach the players importance of teamwork and communication, while at the same time working on player’s agility and quickness.


  • Set up the grid or square that is about 20x20 m/yd all around. Make the square bigger if needed. 
  • Split up the players into 3 – 4 teams, with 3 – 4 players on each team.


  • I always enjoyed playing for a Coach that would demonstrate any soccer drill, so the players can visually see how the training drill is done, especially when doing it for the first time.
  • Each team or group of players will form a line by standing one behind another facing forward.
  • Players will place their hands on the shoulders or hips of the player in front of them.
  • Throughout this soccer drill, players are required to be holding on to the shoulders, or hips, without breaking contact.
  • Once all the teams are connected and ready to go, players will start the drill by trying to tag the last player of the other teams in the grid, while at the same time staying connected like a snake.
  • Player in the front is the leading point, or the head of the snake, and will attempt to lead the other players behind him/her in pursuit of tagging the last player of a different group.
  • Players will have to stay connected with hands on players shoulders, or hips, in front of him/her. If the chain is broken, or the whole team goes out of bounds, than that team will be eliminated.
  • Player in the back of the line is tagged to eliminate that whole team.
  • Continue until all teams are eliminated, but one.


  • Players of all ages will enjoy this soccer warm up exercise.
  • Encourage players to communicate where they want to move, or where to run if the team is in danger of being tagged.
  • Communication is a big part of this soccer drill. Players will have to work together in order to protect the tail end player, and they will have to communicate on advancing in the correct direction to try and tag other teams.


  • Modify this warm up drill by adding or subtracting players from the chain, or snake. 
  • Add more teams and expand the area or grid.
  • Add punishment for the losing teams in the form of sprints, pushups, sit ups etc…
  • Time the drill for 5 - 10 minutes.

soccer warm up exercise

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Players are required to pass, and run through the cone activities with little or no rest.

When done properly there will be minimal wait for the players, as they move around the training grid.


  • Set up a rectangle 20 m/yd long x 15 m/yd wide.
  • Make a passing channel (blue cones) 1 - 2 m/yd wide in the center of the rectangle.
  • Place 3 – 5 cones on each side of the rectangle for players to do different activities… distance between these cones should not exceed 1 m/yd. 
  • Split the players up into 2 groups with 2-4 players per group.
  • Each group will stand about 20 meters/yards apart, on the opposite end of the rectangle. One team will have the soccer ball (in the picture above, the red players start the drill because they have the ball).
  • Once you have the grid set up similar to the picture above, this drill is rather easy to explain.
  • The red player will start this soccer warm up drill by passing the soccer ball through the passing channel to the black player.
  • After the pass is made, player will run through to the left and through his/her channel on the left side.
  • In this example player will use quick feet to get around all the cones.
  • The red player will finish the drill with quick feet all around the last cone and then explosive run to the back of the black players line.
  • While the red player is performing the drill, one of the black players should be doing the same thing.
  • Players will pass the soccer ball and run through the grid as soon as the pass is made, it should look smooth with players running both grids, and the soccer ball moving from one side to the other through the blue passing channel.


  • Demonstrate this, or any other soccer drill, especially when doing it for the first time.
  • Pay attention to player’s footwork, and turning radius around the cones.  
  • When turning around the cones, players should drop down slightly by bending their knees, and try to make the turns around the cones as quick and short as possible.
  • This warm up drill should be done at 80% pace. 
  • Modify this drill by adding different activities for the activity cone part of the grid.
  • Players can do high knees, back pedal, side stepping, karaoke, but kicks, suicide runs etc…


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soccer passing drills

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soccer ball control drills

  • Ball Control Soccer Drills to help players get more familiar with the surface of the ball.
  • Soccer Training Drills to improve players ball control skills. Getting familiar with the soccer ball takes time, consistency and effort.
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  • First Touch Soccer Drills to help young players work on their passing, receiving, and moving. Smart players, with great ball control, will use their first touch to get out of tight situations, and surrounding defenders.


  • Agility Ladder Drills, also called Speed Ladder Drills, are very important for soccer players to develop agility, and speed.
  • Soccer Agility Drills are used to improve players balance, footwork, and coordination. Change of direction is frequent throughout the game, so being agile, and able to quickly change direction is really important.
  • Soccer Conditioning Drills will build up the players endurance for the WHOLE game. Players usually frown on these soccer drills, as they push them to exhaustion point; but prepare them for the game. Fit player is twice as valuable for any team in a match.
  • Speed Training Drills will push players to build up their explosive speed, tight cornering, and the ability to speed up, and slow down their pace. These drills will build up the players endurance, and shorten the recovery after sprints.