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Soccer Maniak Player Development


Soccer Maniak Academy training sessions will be focused primarily on teaching the young players about the most basic technical soccer fundamentals.

These are skills that every soccer player needs and usually develops with friends in daily pick up games of street soccer through 1000s of touches with the ball.

It’s the technical part of the game that compliments different soccer skills like ball control, dribbling, shooting, passing, trapping, shielding and correct running with or without the soccer ball.

Technical players are also far more entertaining to watch especially once they grow up to develop strength and speed.

Players training sessions will be 1.5 h long, 3 times per week and are mandatory for every player.

We will only accept U8, U9 and U10 players with the intention of having U8 and U9 players train together and U9 and U10 players training together as well.

Players are mixed together because we want to create the atmosphere of random pick up games where the players are sometimes 2 or 3 years older than their peers.

All of our players will be taught and required to learn how to properly run with or without the soccer ball using the proper technique and body positioning for best balance and speed.

Young players will go through “GETTING FAMILIAR WITH THE SOCCER BALL TRAINING” using soccer exercises to get maximum touches on the ball using different parts of the foot.

Every Young Soccer Maniak will pick their favorite club jersey that they will be required to wear in practice.

Young players will be given the choice to wear their favorite club jersey in practice to develop the passion for the game as they try to mimic their favorite players.

They will be able to choose any of the top clubs like Manchester United, Chelsea, Manchester City, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, AC Milan, Juventus, Bayern Munich etc…

Practice equipment will be provided including cones, nets, goals, flags, agility ladders and other training equipment.

Every player is guaranteed to have a high quality soccer ball to practice with.

Players will also be provided with weekly schedule of top soccer matches that will air on TV and will be encouraged to watch the games and learn different soccer skills by trying to mimic their favorite players.


Simple, Technical Soccer.

Learn how to play with your brain, run little but run smart."

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