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Player Development Academy

Soccer Maniak FC is a new soccer club that will be operating out of West Valley City, Utah.

We are a Non-Profit organization focused on teaching young soccer players the correct soccer fundamentals, concentrating mainly on technical part of the game.

Soccer Maniak Youth Academy will be accepting players that are U8, U9 and U10 age group.

These players will have the opportunity to develop positive soccer playing fundamentals that will turn into habit through repetition.

Players will work in small groups concentrating mainly on maximizing touches on the soccer ball through fun soccer exercises and small sided games.

Every player will be taught how to run properly using the correct body form for best balance and optimal speed.

Players will be encouraged to be creative and learn through trial and error until positive habits are there to stay permanently.

Every player will learn how to control the ball with both feet using different parts of the foot.

Most importantly they will learn how to play soccer with the right attitude, laughing, making friends, being competitive and having fun.

Winning will not be important, but good play and creativity will be highly enforced.

Our main focus is to hone and develop the most basic soccer skills in young players so that they can have a chance to develop their talent to the fullest as they grow into teenagers and develop strength and speed.

Soccer Maniak Youth Academy’s main goal is to teach young players how to run properly with or without the soccer ball and getting familiar with the soccer ball.

This will help develop all of the players important traits like dribbling, receiving, passing, shooting, shielding etc...

All of the training sessions will have no more than 12 players at a time.

Players will be able to learn through visual demonstration as all of the Coaches have grown up with the game and have the experience and the skill to clearly explain and demonstrate every exercise.  


“Simple, Technical Soccer.

Learn how to play with your brain, Run Little but Run Smart."