soccer warm up for more active training or game

Soccer warm up for the game, or more fitness related practice, will require players to go through a more intense warm up session to prepare for whats to come. 

These warm up soccer drills are great to apply towards pre game soccer warm up.

Players will start with a light jog for 5 min, after which they will move into more intense and fast paced warm up with, and without the soccer ball.

soccer warm up with different activites

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This drill is one of my favorite warm up soccer drills that has a great impact on the player’s readiness for the game or practice.

The purpose for this soccer warm up drill is to get the players heart rate, and core body temperature up, in preparation for the game or practice.

This warm up drill can be done in groups of 2 players.

To get the most out this pre game warm up drill, set up 2-3 different grids, allowing players to move from one activity to another without standing around and waiting for a turn.

This soccer drill involves a slow tempo jog for 5 m/yd, followed by an activity for 10 m/yd, and than finishing off with 5 m/yd jog at the end.

Set up & instructions

  • Place 4 cones in a straight line.
  • First 2 cones will be 5 m/yd apart. Than 10 m/yd channel, followed by another 5 m/yd channel.
  • Players will pair up with a teammate, and take position at the first cone.
  • Jog from first cone to the second cone at 50% pace.
  • From the second to third cone (10 m/yd channel), perform an activity from the list below.


  • Groin Twists (both inside and outside or open and close)
  • Trunk Rotations
  • Lunges
  • Side Stepping or Karaoke
  • Side Lunges
  • Squats
  • Back Pedaling
  • Quick Feet (as many touches on the ground as possible)
  • High Knees
  • Butt Kickers
  • Accelerated Run (meaning an explosive burst of speed from the 2nd to 3th cone)

Finish off by slowing down, and jogging for the last 5 yards/meters and back to the end of the line.


  • This soccer drill can be modified with different activities inside the 10 yd/m area of the grid to keep the drill new and fresh.
  • Players will focus on the correct technique, rather than speed of execution.
  • Having several grids set up will allow the players to perform different activities on different grids (ex. One grid has the Back Pedaling and the grid next to it has the Accelerated Run activity… this will allow players to perform the drill on one grid, and move on to the next one).
  • Spend 5 – 20 min on this soccer warm up drill.
  • Coaches job is to correct any wrong technique that the players may be displaying.

pass and move soccer warm up exercise

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This is one of the easiest warm up passing drills that can be set up, and started in minutes.

  • Split the players up into groups of 4, with 1 soccer ball per group.
  • Split the 4 players into groups of two, and instruct them to stand in a straight line with 10 – 15 m/yd of distance in between the players.
  • 2 players should stand one behind another with the player in front having the possession of the soccer ball (1 soccer ball per 4 players).
  • Goal for this soccer warm up exercise is to pass the soccer ball to the teammate on the opposite side, and follow his/her pass, running behind the player on the opposite side.
  • Encourage players to strike the soccer ball with the inside of their foot, using the correct passing technique (locking the ankle and pointing toes up) for a firm pass on the ground.


  • Coaches should watch, and get involved in players development, by pointing out mistakes and wrong technique that is especially easy to correct when working with younger soccer players.
  • Goal is to have players perform the drill correctly, so it will look like clockwork, with passes and players running behind each other, and just enough time to catch a breath before doing  it again.
  • Players struggling to use the proper technique need to slow down, and focus on slow execution and body movement for muscles to remember. Constant repetition of correct technique at a slower pace will allow muscle memory to pick up the correct body movement so that it can be applied at a faster pace…. just SLOW down and get the technique before trying to perform any drill at higher speeds.
  • The whole point of this drill is to get the movement and passes correctly so that a flow is created and the drill can be used to its fullest potential. It may take a little time to teach young players this pre game soccer warm up drill, and as they spend the time learning how to do this drill, they will work on building a positive habit in passing and moving into space.


  • Allow players to trap the ball, by cushioning it, and then passing it back to next player.
  • Have the player’s increase the tempo of passing and running… maybe do 3 minute sessions with 1 minute at 50% pace, second minute at 75% pace and the final minute at game pace 100%.
  • Instruct the players to use different parts of their foot when passing the soccer ball.
  • Pass the ball midair (knee level preferably), for an aerial trap, and pass back in the midair.
  • Use your imagination and come up with different ways to modify this or any other soccer drill…

pre game soccer warm up with the zig zag runs

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Many clubs that I spent time coaching, have found this soccer warm up exercise fun and entertaining.

There is no soccer ball involved, and this soccer drill is intended to get the players core temperature up, trough running and agility.

  • Players will line up in a single file line with about 1 yard/meter of space in between them.
  • Players will start jogging in a single file line keeping the same 1 yard/meter of space from the player in front of them.
  • As the players jog around the field, player in the back of the line will start to accelerate and take over players in front of him/her by zig zagging, or side stepping, all the players in front of him/her to get to the front of the line.
  • Now a new player will be the last player in the line so he/she will do the same thing, and zig zag around the teammates in front of him/her to get to the front of the line.
  • Eventually the player that started in front of the line will find himself in the back of the line having to do the same zig zagging around the players that are now in front of him to get back to the front.
  • If the whole field is not available players can work on the half field, or any other open space.
  • Split up into groups of 5 - 6 players if needed.


  • Alternate the tempo and speed in which this soccer drill is done.
  • If there are only 4-6 players doing the drill, it is OK for the player coming from the back of the line to completely reach the front before the new player in the back starts his/her run.
  • However, when there are more than 10 players doing this soccer drill, players in the back of the line should start their run right after the player doing zig zags has gone around 2-3 players in front of him/her.
  • Players can compete with each other, as they try to catch up to the player in front of them…
  • When this warm up drill is performed correctly, it leads to flawless execution with players running constantly from the back, to the front of the line.



soccer shooting/attacking drills

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  • Soccer Shooting Tips to learn the proper shooting technique and positive habits for shooting the soccer ball.
  • Fun Soccer Drills using games with attacking drills through crossing, or shooting.

soccer passing drills

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  • Four Squares passing soccer drill.
  • Possession Game for improving passing soccer skills.
  • Back Pedal for lots of passes and movement.
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soccer ball control drills

  • Ball Control Soccer Drills to help players get more familiar with the surface of the ball.
  • Soccer Training Drills to improve players ball control skills. Getting familiar with the soccer ball takes time, consistency and effort.
  • U10 Soccer Training Drills to improve ball handling skills, agility, coordination, and speed.
  • Soccer Drills for Beginner soccer players U8 and U6. These soccer drills can also be adapted to older kids by changing the pace, and adding few skills.
  • Small Sided Games to teach youth soccer players how to play soccer through the game being the Coach. Players will fall in love with the game from simply playing soccer.
  • This Soccer Drill is many kids favorite soccer training drill in practice. The game is the Coach, while players enjoy competitive side of soccer in smaller spaces.
  • First Touch Soccer Drills to help young players work on their passing, receiving, and moving. Smart players, with great ball control, will use their first touch to get out of tight situations, and surrounding defenders.


  • Agility Ladder Drills, also called Speed Ladder Drills, are very important for soccer players to develop agility, and speed.
  • Soccer Agility Drills are used to improve players balance, footwork, and coordination. Change of direction is frequent throughout the game, so being agile, and able to quickly change direction is really important.
  • Soccer Conditioning Drills will build up the players endurance for the WHOLE game. Players usually frown on these soccer drills, as they push them to exhaustion point; but prepare them for the game. Fit player is twice as valuable for any team in a match.
  • Speed Training Drills will push players to build up their explosive speed, tight cornering, and the ability to speed up, and slow down their pace. These drills will build up the players endurance, and shorten the recovery after sprints.