Soccer Trapping Drills

Soccer trapping drills will help the player trap the ball and control its movement effortlessly without having the ball bounce off the players foot making the player chase the ball and lose possession in most cases.

Many parents or young players ask the question "How to trap a soccer ball?"

There is no simple answer to this question.

Soccer ball can be trapped with the inside of the foot, outside of the foot, thigh, chest or head.

Trapping the soccer ball is simply cushioning the impact of the ball by moving that part of the body back and/or to one side at the time when the soccer ball is about to make contact with that part of the body.

There is no real science to it but simply repetition and concentration is what will make any player better at trapping a soccer ball.

To trap a soccer ball the right way and with total control players need to spend a lot of time touching the soccer ball and getting the feel for it through repetitive soccer trapping drills or just playing in small sided games with friends.

It is best for players to start learning the trapping ball skills at a very early age.

Soccer trapping drills are done in practice or can be done on your own.

Simply put, trapping soccer drills are done whenever a player decides to grab a ball and go play with his friends, by himself or in an organized team training session.

The most important part about learning how to trap a soccer ball with total control is constant presence of thought to concentrate and attempt to control the soccer ball on the first touch making it move in the direction you want it to move.

Constantly playing soccer or training with an organized team will develop the players feel for the ball over time.

Players are doing soccer trapping drills without even knowing it because trapping is done every time a soccer ball is coming to us.

It is the concentration to trap the ball that is missing and therefore the ball just bounces off the foot, knee, chest, head etc.

Soccer trapping is one of the basic skills of soccer that is used the most throughout the match.

Players will always want to trap the soccer ball with control, knowing where the ball will go after the first TRAP touch setting it up for a pass, shot or just simply changing direction with the ball.

Whenever performing soccer trapping drills, players will want to concentrate on controlling the soccer ball and making the ball do what the player has in mind on that crucial first touch.

One of the most important parts in every players game is learning to trap the ball and move/turn at the same time.

So whenever trapping the soccer ball or working on a drill for soccer trapping concentrate to trap the soccer ball and move left, right or forward at the same time.

Doing this will make your possession of the ball better and it will also make you unpredictable to the opponent.

Trapping the soccer ball in one spot increases the chance of opponent running in from behind and cutting off the pass or simply getting on your back pressuring you right away when you receive the ball.

One more important part of trapping soccer drills is to always have both of your arms up at shoulder height protecting yourself from players behind or on the side.

Know your surroundings and keep concentrating until it just becomes second nature and the ball sticks to your feet as it was glued :)

Here are some soccer trapping drills.

Trapping Soccer Drill
Juggling the Soccer Ball

Soccer juggling should be part of many soccer / football training drills, including trapping drills, first touch drills, warm up drills etc.. 

I would just like to stress out the importance of soccer ball juggling as it develops the players touch on the ball as well as coordination with the ball.

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Trapping Soccer Drill Off Wall

This soccer drill is one of the simple soccer drills that anyone can do with a soccer ball and a wall to kick the ball against.

This was one of my favorite trapping soccer drills growing up as it is a lot of fun to just be able to kick the ball and have it come back.

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Trapping Soccer Drills Throw Trap 

This is one very commonly used soccer drill in team training sessions. 

This soccer trapping drill is very easy to set up and do for team training sessions.

Coach can also modify this drill where the players can use different parts of their bodies to trap and pass the soccer ball.

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Trapping Soccer Drills Long Pass Trapping  

This soccer trapping drill can be done in a coaching team session or by players finding friends or family to pass the soccer ball around with.

When setting up this soccer drill for a team training session you will want to take following steps.

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Trapping Soccer Drills Square Pass and Trap 

This trapping soccer drill is great way to work on your squad conditioning at the same time as you work on passing and trapping.

Performing this soccer drill will allow one player to receive multiple passes in the span of 1-2 minutes making the last few passes tiring due to players energy going down.


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