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Soccer Crossing and Finishing Drills

Hello and welcome to my SOCCER CROSSING AND FINISHING DRILLS webpage.

Crossing and finishing drills are just another important part of developing soccer skills to be a better player.

Different drills in soccer will make the player more complete because every position has its strengths and weaknesses.

Forward players will benefit a lot more from doing finishing soccer drills than a defender who rarely finds himself in goal scoring opportunities.

These soccer crossing and finishing drills or any other soccer drills should be performed with high intensity and a game like pace.

To make any of these drills suitable for youth soccer players simply decrease the field size or add more players.

Soccer Crossing and Finishing Drills

4 Attackers VS 4 Defenders

The objective of this soccer drill is to teach attackers how to exploit the defense when the defenders are in numerical disadvantage.


The attackers will start this soccer drill by passing the ball around and attempting to find empty space to exploit and have a shot on goal.

The attackers will play with one extra player so the best way for them to break down the opponent is by passing the ball and moving to empty space.

Since the attackers have one extra player it shouldn't be a problem to score a goal or will it :)

The defenders will try to close down space by covering angles and more importantly not allowing any passes to split the defensive line.

If the scoring chances are not as frequent simply add another attacker or take out one more defender to make it 5vs3 or 4vs2 type of activity.

The attackers should look to switch the point of attack and play quickly by moving the ball with 1 or 2 touches.

Any opening for a shot should be taken.

Defensive line will try to contain the play and keep the ball in front of them while applying early pressure on the attackers not allowing time to think or find empty space.

Soccer Crossing and Finishing Drills
4 VS 4 With Multiple Goals

The objective of this drill is developing the players communication, vision, crossing, passing and finishing skill through playing in small space with small goals to score on as well as attacking from the sides to score on the big goal.

Because of 4 small goals positioned on the edge of the 18 Yard box players will have to place the ball with precision to score a goal and earn one point.


This soccer drill should be performed inside the penalty box.

Start by creating 4 small goals on each corner of the penalty box and splitting the players into teams of 4 (Red & Blue).

Place the goalie inside the big goal and than give instructions to the players.

Red team will defend goals #1 and #3 while trying to score on blue team goals #2 and #4.

Blue team will defend goals #2 and #4 while trying to score on red team goals #1 and #3.

Both teams will attempt to score on the big goal but the only way to score on a big goal is from a cross with a volley or header.

Every goal scored with a volley or header will count as 2 points while the goals scored on small goals will count 1 point.

The goalie will attempt and stop both teams from scoring a goal.

Whenever the goalkeeper makes a save, he will kick the ball out to the edge of penalty box to create a 50/50 ball for the players.

Some variations or rules coach can add to make this soccer crossing and finishing drill more interesting or challenging are:

- Limiting the players touches to 1 or 2.

- Setting a number of passes to 2-5 before taking a shot on goal.

- Adding a neutral player that will play for whatever team has the possession of the ball.

Coach should observe and stay active by reminding players to switch the point of attack, communicate and know their surroundings both defensively and offensively.

Soccer Crossing and Finishing Drills
Fullbacks Creating the Attack

The objective of this soccer drill is to give fullbacks attacking responsibilities as the attack will start from the fullback on either side.

This drill will improve the defensive players attacking tendencies through passing, overlapping and than finishing the run off with a cross.


Player #1 will pass the ball to #2 and continue running to the outside overlapping the player #2.

#2 will take one touch to the inside of the field and pass the ball to the checking attacker #3.

#3 attacker will try to play one touch pass back up the midfield to player #4.

#4 will pass a diagonal ball towards the corner flag aiming to pass the ball in front of the running fullback (#1) who will cross the ball inside the penalty box.

Once the ball is crossed there have to be three players inside the box looking to attack the ball and score.

Players #2, #3 and #5 will run inside the box attacking the ball while player #4 will run up to the edge of the penalty box looking for any ball that bounces out.

Some variations or rules coach can add to make this soccer crossing and finishing drill more interesting or challenging are:

- Adding 2 or more defenders inside the penalty box to defend crosses.

- Adding a first or second touch cross rule for the fullbacks crossing the ball.

- Making everything first touch.

Have fun and improvise. Coaches should focus on players quickly getting into the penalty box for crosses, timing their runs to avoid offside and precise one or two touch passing.

Soccer Crossing and Finishing Drills
Attacking with Crossing Channels

The objective of this attacking drill in soccer is to teach players about advantages of attacking with crosses from wide positions and the players attacking the ball instead of waiting for it.

This drill is great for the outside players because they are the only ones who can create scoring opportunities in this drill.


Use half the field by bringing one goal to the half way line.

Place several cones about 10 yds/m away from the sideline on both sides to create crossing channels.

Make two teams by dividing the players into 4 players + goalie on the inside of the field and another 2 players in the left and right channel making it a 6 vs 6 game plus the goalie.

Goals can only be scored from crosses by the player inside the wide channel.

Once the ball is passed to the player inside the channel, this player will have to take on the defender inside the same channel in an attempt to get by the defender and cross the ball.

On every crossed ball 4 players on the inside of the channels should find themselves running towards near post, far post, penalty spot and one player trailing for any loose balls.

Some variations or rules coach can add to make this soccer drill more interesting or challenging are:

- Adding more players on the inside or taking players off.

- Adding limited touches to the players on the inside.

- Adding a neutral player that plays for the team in possession of the ball.

- Rotate channel players

There you have some of the basic crossing and finishing drills in soccer.

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