Positions in Soccer

Positions in soccer can be categorized into defense, midfield and offense.

Formation that the team plays with will determine the players positions being more attacking or more defending.

Soccer match is started with 10 outfield players and 1 goalie on each team According to the Laws of the Game.

Outfield players will have specific areas on the field which they are expected to cover and dominate during the game. This area of play is usually referred to as "Soccer Positions".

When every player dominates their position on the team, than that team will win games and the gameplay will seem like clockwork with every player on the field knowing where their teammate is without even looking.


GK - Goalkeeper

Soccer field position of goalkeeper has one job and one job only, don't let the ball go inside the goal.

Goalkeeper can use any part of their body to stop the ball from going inside their goal. Once a goalkeeper leaves the penalty box, he/she is considered another outfield player.

SW - Sweeper Positions in Soccer

Sweeper position in soccer will usually be occupied by the most experienced, calm and intelligent player that will be the last line of defense after the goalie.

Sweeper soccer position is played as a Center Defender but without player marking responsibilities.

These players will be the leaders of defense and they are supposed to be loud and commanding in the defensive line.

Sweeper is there to cover any loose balls and make sure that the defense is positioned well.

CB - Center Fullback, Center Back or Stopper Positions in Soccer

Positions of soccer center backs are to mark the opposing teams Forwards and make them uncomfortable throughout the game.

Players in charge of these positions in soccer are strong and great in the air but in some cases they lack speed because of their size.

These positions of soccer are played by two players and communication between these two Center Backs will be the key to performing well.

In most cases if one CB makes a mistake, the other CB will not be far to run in and help correct it.

These players also have great anticipation of where the ball will go, in other words they are good at reading opponents play.

LB and RB - Left Back and Right Back or Left and Right Fullback Soccer Positions

Left and Right Back positions in soccer are played by players that love to play next to the sideline.

These soccer field positions require a lot of stamina as it requires the player to help the offense by making runs into opponents half and crossing the ball as well as quickly getting back into position to defend the opponents attack.

Players that are great in this position are usually quick, have great stamina and the ability to cross the ball as well as perform simple defensive tasks such as denying crosses and marking opponents wing players.

LWB and RWB - Left Wide Back and Right Wide Back or Wingback Soccer Field Positions

LWB and RWB positions in soccer are similar to the Fullback position mentioned above except that Wingbacks are used more offensively than defensively.

Teams playing with Wingbacks will usually play with 3 Center Backs which will give more freedom to the Wingbacks to push up and help offense by providing crosses.


LM and RM - Left Midfield and Right Midfield Positions of Soccer

Soccer positions of Left and Right Midfield players are made to support the Forwards with crosses but also score goals by taking on players and cutting inside from the wing for a shot or a lay off pass.

Players in these soccer field positions will also rush the penalty box when the ball is crossed from the opposite side.

They will usually play in the opponents field along the left or right sideline.

Players in these soccer positions will also find themselves running back to help defend but as soon as the ball is recovered they will sprint back up into the opponents half and look for the ball to attack.

DM - Defensive Midfield Soccer Field Positions

This position in soccer is played right in front of the defensive line disrupting the opponents attack any way possible.

This soccer position requires a lot of stamina and the ability to perform to the maximum.

This player will mainly play around the center circle providing simple passes forward and stopping the play in the midfield by tackling, fouling or provoking other players.

CM - Central Midfielders Positions in Soccer

Central Midfield players are there to connect passes with all the other players.

Players in this soccer field position will have great passing ability as well as the ability to stay calm under pressure.

Players occupying the central midfield positions of soccer will often find themselves shooting from distance while using the one-two pass with the forward.

They will need great stamina as this position will require the player to help the offense and also get back on defense.

Their area of movement should be the center of the field from opponents 16 yard box to their own 16 yard box.

Technical and passing ability is a must for this soccer field position.

Lastly players in this soccer position will run into empty space and look to get the ball as frequently as possible.

AM - Attacking Midfielders Positions in Soccer

Attacking Midfield soccer positions will require the player to have excellent skills with the ball, stay calm under pressure, be creative on the field, take chances and most importantly be ready to take punishment on the field.

These soccer field positions can decide a game and players playing in this position should be ready to become leaders on the field, giving 100% and encouraging their teammates to give 100% as well.

Players in these soccer positions pull the strings of the whole team.

They should run into empty space, take on defenders, make through ball passes splitting the defense and find ways to help the attack.

How defensive this soccer field position will be played depends on the instructions from the players coach.


LW and RW - Left Wide and Right Wide Positions in Soccer

Teams that play with Wide players will most likely use only one Forward with Left and Right Wide players, playing 3 players in attack.

These soccer positions will require the player to cross the ball, take on defenders, run inside the box when the ball is crossed from the opposite side and simply help the team win by scoring goals or making goal scoring opportunities for others.

Soccer field positions for wide players will require them to occasionally go all the way back to their own half but in most cases Wide players area of movement is inside the opponents half.

S - Striker Position in Soccer

Striker is there to score goals. It can be very hard to play this position as it is constant struggle to get the ball.

Striker is a point man in offense who is usually big and strong player that doesn't need much space to put the ball in the net.

Players that play this soccer position very well are "Cherry Pickers". What that means is that these players will not run a lot on the field but will rather play right next to the last line of defense waiting for any mistake by defenders to exploit.

They are also used to bring the other players into attack by receiving the ball and keeping the possession of the ball while the rest of the team joins the attack.

SS - Second Striker Position in Soccer

Second striker is there to score goals and make goal scoring opportunities for other players.

This soccer position is played by players that posses great dribbling, passing and shooting skills.

Unlike Striker who just kind of waits for the right opportunity, Second Striker will actually run a lot more, work harder, run into space, open up for the passes, dribble through players and take chances.

Second Striker will also help defend by pressuring the opponents defense when they are in possession of the ball.

CF - Center Forwards Positions in Soccer

Center Forwards are very similar to Second Striker soccer field positions.

The only difference is that Center Forward will make runs towards the left and right sidelines and provide crosses or take on other players.

These players will posses great dribbling, passing and shooting skills as well as being able to deliver great crosses from the wing.

Center Forwards will find a lot of empty space on either wing and they will actually find themselves more on the wings than in the center of the field.

Doesn't matter if you call them positions in soccer, positions of soccer, soccer field positions or just regular soccer positions. I hope I covered everything you need to know about all of the positions on the soccer field.

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